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Sending email with fields which have specific value only

Hello everybody. I am a beginner in Nintex. We are trying to remove our paper check list by creating a form. I have a list with 31 fields and answers which are looked up from another lists. I want to put only those fields which answered "Not Equal" to "ok" in email body with field title beside, like:

1- Room Temp (field title) = High (answer)

2- Room Lock (field title) = Low Battery (Answer)

I went through list query,  collection and .. but confused about what to do! 

Thank you in advance 

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Re: Sending email with fields which have specific value only

you could proceed as follows


- create a multiline text variable where you will prepare notification content (eg. msgText)

- now you will need set of run-if or set condition actions - one for each qestion you want to check.configure the action to check whether it satisfy expected result or it should be included in notification.

- add a build string action within run-if/set condition and append a content related to the checked question in msgText variable

- add msgText variable into notification body action

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