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Send e-mail reminder 30 days before due date + task with Nintex 365



I am new to Nintex and I've been reading through lots of posts on the community but I cannot find a suitable solution for my problem.




I have a SharePoint library filled with documents in document sets. This is in SharePoint Online (365).

The documents need to be reviewed every year or 2 years or 3 years. These are the 3 columns corresponding to this:

- Last Review Date (when was the document reviewed)

- Review Cycle (measured in months 12/24/36)

- Review Deadline (date that the document needs to be reviewed again)


I need to send an e-mail reminder to the approver 30 days prior to "Review Deadline".

Besides the e-mail, the approver needs to select reviewers that need to review the document. I guess this needs to be a task.


I tried using "add time to date" to work on the 30 days issue, but I don't understand some of the fields (when and equals). See the attachment. For my test I tried using 1 minute instead of 30 days as I don't want to wait 30 days to see if it works).


So for my test I set the "Review Deadline" on today's date and let's say it's now 10:26 am here, I set it to 10:30. So the workflow should send me a reminder at 10:29.

Since I don't know what to do with the "when" and "equals" fields, it doesn't work.


Can someone help me out here?


You help is really appreciated!

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