Save and Continue with minimum attachment validation

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I have a scenario (SP 2013), where the user have to upload an attachment in order to submit the form. As a next step, the user should be redirected to the edit form of the created list item.


I tried to use the "Save and Continue" button, in order to redirect the user to the edit form. Unfortunately, the minimum attachments configuration within the attachment control settings, are not recognized when I use this button type. Switching to "Save" or "Save and Submit" will enable the minimum attachment validation rule. Unfortunately I am not able to redirect to the EditForm as I don't know the list item id, wihtin the NewForm. 


What can I do to achieve:


1) Validation of minimum attachment setting should be validated prior submitting the form

2) Redirect the form to the EditForm after submitting.


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Re: Save and Continue with minimum attachment validation

The community is happy to help whenever we can; however, I would stress that you should really try searching online first so we don't have duplicate questions.


Each of your questions have already been asked and answered on the community forum.


1. The Attachment control already has a Minimum Attachment validation setting:



2. This is not possible: How to redirect from new form to edit form after submit item by nintex forms 2013?

The Edit form needs to have an ID to specify the record to open, and that ID doesn't exist until you click submit on the New form. Therefore, you cannot statically or dynamically create a link to point to an ID that doesn't yet exist. 

Even if you tried to do a lookup on the list to determine the next sequential number, you would run the risk of someone else submitting their form between the time the lookup is done and the submit button is clicked, which would result in an error.

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