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Restoring SharePoint Content DB and Purging Existing Nintex Workflows - Possible Email Spam Impacts

Hi folks, seeking some quick advice. I recently restored our SharePoint Content DB in a recovery to our test environment. We wish to test our Nintex workflow changes in a seperate environment. In doing so we needed to purge the running workflows that came across and we had a PoSH script for that. Prior to this however I updated the SMTP settings to localhost to avoid the inevidable spam of terminated workflows to initiators, etc.


I'm at the point now we want to start testing some changes but I really need to re-configure the SMTP settings for the emails per the workflows. I wish to know if by restoring the configuration will we spam the business with the stack of workflows we deleted/cancelled.


Is it queued or is it best effort? If the latter, then it should mean I can reconfigure SMTP and I'm good to go.


Thanks folks.

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