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Previously submitted form data changes if choice values change in SharePoint

I'm relatively new to Nintex, and creating one of the first Nintex 2016 SharePoint forms for my agency. (We've previously used InfoPath).  I've noticed some unexpected behavior in a form and am looking for advice.  One of the controls in my form is a choice control called DocType.  The user submitting the form indicates which type of document they are attaching to the form.   The original SharePoint values in the list of choices included:   Treatment Plan,  Hab Plan and  Nursing Plan.   We started testing the form and then I was advised that the name of the document that we've previously called "Hab Plan" is being changed to a new name.  Effective next month, it will be known as the "Staff Action Plan".    Since we aren't officially rolling out the new electronic form until next month, I went into SharePoint removed Hab Plan from the list and replaced it with Staff Action Plan.   Here's where the unexpected behavior comes in ....  I opened a previously submitted form that had been submitted with a DocType of "Hab Plan".  I was surprised to see that the value for DocType was now empty in the Nintex Form.   In the SharePoint list, as expected, the DocType value still shows as "Hab Plan".  

I did not expect the data in a choice control in a previously submitted form to change simply because a previously selected value was no longer a choice.   I wasn't even in edit mode for the form;  I was just viewing it.   How can I prevent this from happening?   I would expect to be able to open the form and see the data that was originally submitted in the form.  There will be plenty of times when we change the names of items in choice lists.  I would hope that historical records retain the values that were valid and were entered at the time the forms were originally submitted.

Thanks for any help or guidance anyone can provide.    

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