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Passing values between repeating sections

We have a project for a flight scheduling system. So far, we have a repeating table set up for the passenger information. When a passenger opens the form to request a seat, they are able to enter their information for a seat on the flight. In each repeating section row, we have a dropdown for seat status. After users request seats on the flight, an Admin can go in and update the status of the dropdown. The Admins would like a view to show each seats by status in the form. For example, there should be a view which only shows the waitlisted seats (Seat Status = Waitlist). We have rules applied to show/hide the rows based on those values, but the hidden rows are just hiding the data and not the row space, which doesn't make the form look nice. In addition, they would like, on one view, a list of Confirmed, Waitlist, and Cancelled seats, which are currently all stored in one repeating section.


1. Should I make 3 repeating sections and pass the data back and forth based on seat status? I am very new to javascript and would need a detailed explanation here.




2. Should I tell the users they can have one page for each seat status, and if so, how do I completely remove the hidden row space?



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