Nintex workflow custom schedule

Hello community,

I'm thinking, if there is way how You can schedule your workflow with custom conditions?

In my way - I need run the workflow 2 days before end of month. 

What are the options?

I could run every day workflow and check if today date is my needed day, but run workflow everyday to check... For me it looks like  unnecessary work.

So,  share your knowledge and experiences!

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Re: Nintex workflow custom schedule

one option might be that you will create 12 schedules, one for each month, and configure them to run 2 days before the end.

then configure each schedule to repeat after 12 months.

this may have, however, problems with leap years, if you insist on 2 days before month end.

the other option could be that running workflow instance schedules its own next run with start workflow action.

this gives you possibility to calculate exact date when it should start.

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