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Nintex Form: Update List lookup ID using Javascript

Hello there!

I'm using Nintex Form 2013 Version: Apparently, I've a list lookup form control and it seems to be a problem.

When user selected a value from the List lookup and save the form, it shows "Sorry, something went wrong". The form was not able to open up in either edit or display view.

After investigation, I've realized that it was cause by the incorrect format of ID saved when user selected a value. The ID should be a format like (i.e. 332686;#1 ECI NZ TRY Pte Ltd). However, in my nintex form, it was only saved as 332686.

I've tried using workflow to update the ID field to the correct format. But the workflow takes too long and sometimes it did not run as well as I would hope. I'm thinking of using javascript to "edit" the ID upon button trigger when saving, do you think it is advisable?

Please help.. I'm not too sure how I can go about to update ID using javascript.. Thank you very much..

The codes below is the javascript written using my very limited skills, the alert is able to display exactly what I would want to save as the ID. but I'm not too sure how.. Please help!

function showText()  {  
 var display = NWF$("#"+ dl_Nz);  
 var entity =  NWF$("#"+entityName);  
  $("#dl_Nz").val(display.val() + ";#" + entity.val());

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Re: Nintex Form: Update List lookup ID using Javascript

could you post more details on lookup control configuration?

do you save selected lookup value in lookup list field or do you save separately lookuo ID and text?

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