Nested Repeating Section as a Table in DocGen

Hey folks!

I know there's a DocGen section but it's "for Salesforce" apparently, so I'm posting here.

I have a nested repeating section. General Contractor is our big repeating section, Sub Contractor is our nested repeating section. 

I'm cool with getting data out but I am racking my brain to figure out how to create a table from this data in DocGen. 

The thought I originally had was to create individual tables per GC (by having all GC data in collections) and then having rows inside that, but then I realized... DocGen won't have any way to know when the subs stop for one GC and start for the next.

Basically the outcome we want is like this:

General Contractor:ABC 123Headcount:4
Sub:BLAH INCHeadcount:7
Sub:SNARK LTDHeadcount:11
Total GC:4
Total Sub:18
Total Headcount:22
General Contractor:CDE 456Headcount:2
Sub:UGH LLCHeadcount:4

...and it continues on like that. You get the point.

Ideally it'd be a table per GC. 

All I can think of right now is needing to almost build out a single collection per column that you see above which is ... not cool. 

Would love some thoughts from you guys.


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Re: Nested Repeating Section as a Table in DocGen

@rickdemarco Do you know if this can be done or if that is more complex than what we've designed for. I'm wondering if a dictionary is possible for this.

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