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Issue in executing PowerShell script from Nintex Workflow

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Utilizing the NTX custom action for PowerShell Script (reference - https://community.nintex.com/t5/Community-Blogs/NTX-PowerShell-Action-Stable-Release/ba-p/83139) we are trying to execute a script from Nintex Workflow in SharePoint 2016 but we are encountering below issue. Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.


System.Management.Automation.Remoting.PSRemotingTransportException: Connecting to remote server <servername> failed with the following error message : The WinRM client cannot process the request. CredSSP authentication is currently disabled in the client configuration. Change the client configuration and try the request again. CredSSP authentication must also be enabled in the server configuration. Also, Group Policy must be edited to allow credential delegation to the target computer. Use gpedit.msc and look at the following policy: Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System -> Credentials Delegation -> Allow Delegating Fresh Credentials. Verify that it is enabled and configured with an SPN appropriate for the target computer. For example, for a target computer name "myserver.domain.com", the SPN can be one of the following: WSMAN/myserver.domain.com or WSMAN/*.domain.com For more information, see the about_Remote_Troubleshooting Help topic.
at System.Management.Automation.Runspaces.AsyncResult.EndInvoke()
at System.Management.Automation.Runspaces.Internal.RunspacePoolInternal.EndOpen(IAsyncResult asyncResult)
at System.Management.Automation.RemoteRunspace.Open()
at PSActivity.PSHelper.CreatePowerShellRunspace(Boolean UseSSL, String Computername, Int32 Port, String AppName, String ShellUri, String UserName, String Password)
at PSActivity.Activity.Execute(ActivityExecutionContext executionContext)


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Nintex Employee

Re: Issue in executing PowerShell script from Nintex Workflow

I googled the error and it looks like something is disabled.
The following Microaoft page talks about enabling it.
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