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How to Create Cascading Menus in Nintex Forms

This document illustrates how to create cascading menus in Nintex where the choices on one of the dropdown menus is based on a choice from the other dropdown menu. In this example we will create a form with two dropdown menus: Province and Projects. Based on the Province you select the Project dropdown menu will be populated with all the projects associated with the selected province. For the simplicity we choose three provinces and 10 projects as summarized in the table below:


For example if ON is chosen from the Province dropdown menu then P9-ON and P10-ON will be populated in the Project dropdown menu. In order to do so we need to create three lists: Province, Project and Master. Master list contains the cascading menus.

Province List: create a list with one column called Province. Add AB, BC and ON to the list.

Province List

Project List: create a list with two columns, Province and Project. it is important to remember that Province column on this list must be a lookup column from the Province list that you just created. Choose Province under the In this column: section as illustrated below.

Now add items to this list as illustrated below according to the table provided in the first section of this document.

Project List

Master List: create the Master list with two columns, Province and Project. Province column is a lookup column from Province list as illustrated below:

Project column is a lookup column from the Project list as illustrated below:

Now create the Nintex form. Add Province column, open the control by double clicking it and name it FormProvince. Make sure it is connected to Province.

Add Project column, open the control by double clicking it and name it FormPrject. Make sure it s connected to Project. Open the Filtering tab (if it is not open already). Choose By a control's value from Filter available selections. Now it is very important to manually type the word Province in the Where field* section. Do NOT choose anything from the Insert Reference list. Choose FormProvince from Filtered by control dropdown menu. Make sure Action when no filter applied is Show none. See the screenshot below.

Add labels and adjust the form as you see fit. Save and publish the form. The final product must look like the screenshot below.

Now the Project dropdown menu populates according to the value of the Province dropdown menu. In the example below the province is BC so only projects in that province are listed on the Project dropdown menu.

The same principle can be applied to create any cascading menus in the Nintex forms. I hope you found this article useful. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.