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How refresh a list lookup (multivalue) after filling a filter word in a text control


I have a library "Project documents" with text column "Project number" and multivalue lookup column "Child project numbers".

On that library I have a nintex form with a text control "Project number" (connected to column "Project number") and a list lookup control "Child project numbers" (connected to column "Child project numbers"). The list lookup control has a filter. It filters all Child projects numbers where the column "Project number" matches the column "Project number" in list "Child projects".

The filtering only works when the document in the library "Project documents" already exists and the column "Project number" has a value (i.e. when editing the item, the nintex form opens with the Project number in the text field and the correctly filtered Child project numbers in the list lookup).

However I need this filter also to be working when I upload a new document in this library so that I can pick the child projects right away. When the nintex form opens, by default the text field "Project number" is empty. After entering a number I want the lookup to show only child project numbers related to that project number.

How can I trigger the list lookup to filter after entering a value in text control "Project number"?

I don't mind putting a button with javascript to trigger the filtering. But whatever javascript I tried so far, I don't manage to refresh that list based on the text field.

Thanks for your help.