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Re: Hide Workflow Start Screen

Oh, you trying to use hyperlink

What url you using? Is it /_layouts/NintexWorkflow/StartWorkflow.aspx? Then, you will still need to click the start button, this is SharePoint behaviour and cannot be altered.

Maybe you can try something like this: Start a workflow with Sharepoint (JavaScript)‌. Put onclick function on your hyperlink to trigger the StartWorkflow from JavaScript.

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Re: Hide Workflow Start Screen

HI Gbenga,

Very nice article to hide the Workflow Start Screen.

I want to hide this screen and want to start it from item Menu Label.

When i do these settings with

Enable workflow to start from the item menu Checked.

The workflow is not working from Item menu. It shows error.


But If i start the workflow from this screen It works fine


Please advise.

Thanks in advance.

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