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Dynamic Approvals based on content type


I have an upcoming project that is an ECM solution. There are multiple document types within my content type (metadata tags). The requirement is to send approvals to specific groups of users based on the tag selected, however there are some cases where the approval needs to go to 4 individuals and then after those approvals get sent to at least 9 different department managers for their approval before the item is approved. The issue I have is that the extended 9 approvals only happen in certain cases and the department managers are going to be different dependent upon the document type(metadata tag). I need some help in planning out how i'm going to get these approvers and how to dynamically assign the approvers based on the document type. I currently have a list of approvers that I was going to reference but I am beginning to think that SP groups may be a better way.

The attached spreadsheet is what was provided by the client.

Any help is appreciated

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