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Date Field Validation: Less Than CurrentDate +1

Hi all,

Having some issues with what I thought would be a fairly straight forward formula.

So the user should enter into the date field the most recent date that an event happened (could be yesterday, 1 day ago, 2 days ago etc.) Because it is a physical event that has already happened I started out with the below:

However I got some feedback from the team recently that international timezones were causing issues - eg, it is 23:00 in the UK (where the data entry is being made) but the last event timestamp was 2 hours ago in Beijing (05:00 the next day local time). So there are some circumstances where an event timestamp of the next day needs to be valid.

As a result I tried to change the rule to accept dates of CurrentDate + 1 using the below formula.

However, when I test it seems to allow the form to be saved when any value is entered whether it be Current Date +2 or Current date +200.

Can anyone advise if my syntax is out? or is this a bigger problem?

This is a Classic Form, built and primarily used by the end user in IE. 

I'm not great with the site admin stuff so can't find the exact Nintex version we have installed. All the admin is done in Germany and I use the Forms application remotely in the UK. I believe it is Nintex Forms for Sharepoint Lists (2013).

Thanks in advance.

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