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Currency - Region Formatting on Mobile using Single Line Text Field

I am using a Repeating Section and in that I have an Amount field. This field is a Single Line Text Field that has been set to currency and it is NOT connected to a list column.

My problem: On the mobile phones that use this form, the Region is set to South Africa(I live here, it has to be set to this). When entering data in the Amount field and the user wants to add cents ie. 12,50, it pulls through on the form as 1250, no separator. I cannot use a "." to separate the values, it says that it is not a valid currency. So I use the comma(",") to separate them but then the values don't pull through correctly. Is there any way that in the Nintex Single Line Text Field settings that I can change it to not take $ but rather South African Rand?

Thanks in advance.

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