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Content Type vs Approval

Hi folks, I got a library where I am going to store several content types.

However, I want to introduce content approval for that library. Every time a user publishes a major version, the approval shall start. Approval is a multi step process done by a Nintex workflow. Everytime document is in pending status, the workflow will start, if status <> pending it will terminate immediately.

Now I see the issue that approval is a library feature whereas the reusable workflow is "library independent".

So I cannot refer to the approval status. And if I use Lookup, I will tie my reusable workflow to that very libray...

Any idea how to overcome that problem?

Thanks for help!

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Re: Content Type vs Approval


This should be something you can achieve by creating a Nintex workflow that runs on list items regardless of the content types.  If content types do truly differ, I would recommend, just exporting and importing the workflow to each content type.  I don't think you need a workflow that runs based on a content type, but you could achieve this if you so chose.  I would think that a library based workflow would be sufficient.  Just build in your logic as needed and publish the workflow to the library.

Hope that helps...