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Connection Manager: Salesforce connection won't authorize

I am trying to set up a Salesforce Connection for SharePoint 2013 on-prem using the Connection Manager in the ribbon of Nintex Workflow Designer. I'm following the instructions I found here but after I get to the step where the salesforce pop-up has me enter my credentials and login, it never redirects to the screen asking me to "Allow" or "Deny" (shown below pulled from the instructions).

Instead, it closes the pop-up and gives a SharePoint dialog saying "authorizing". It disappears and leaves me on the New Connection Manager dialog. When I try to save it, it pops up with the following error.

When I then click the Authorize button again, a pop-up flashes quickly, then closes, and then the dialog that says "authorizing" shows up again, and then disappears. If I try to save again I get the same error shown below.

Any idea why it doesn't take me to the second "allow" or "deny" screen? I'm using Salesforce Developer instance, but I have not seen any instructions for anything needing to be configured on that site to allow for this to work. I can't use any of the Salesforce actions without getting this to setup. I've used multiple browsers and compatibility modes to test if anything could be the cause, and have deactivated popup blockers as well. No luck. Any ideas?


I have looked more into this and it appears that it may be a Nintex bug. On the salesforce side, I can see that it did indeed provide an oauth token for the Nintex Connection Manager. If I revoke it, then I can login and be prompted with the Deny or Allow screen (although it looks slightly different than the screen capture from above).

On sales force I can also see it successfully log the login! The weird thing is, every time I attempt to authorize, Nintex appears to be request a new oauth token instead of using the one that already exists. It then drops the connection after successfully connecting and the whole thing starts over.

The below image shows how every authorization attempt when clicking the button seems to assign a new oauth token.

And the following image proves the connection is successful, Nintex just is not handling it properly.

I've tried this on two different environments using 2 different versions of Nintex and SharePoint (on-prem 2013, and on-prem 2016).

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