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Community News - September 26, 2016

Community News - September 26, 2016

We're starting fall with our September releases!  There are new ways to start workflows externally via Zapier, and our cloud platform is in Advanced Preview starting Tuesday! Read on for the latest from Nintex!

Nintex Workflow Cloud in Advanced Preview!

nwc iconOur new platform is now in Advanced Preview!

Read all about what it does and find links to everything from a trial subscription to release notes and help files: What's New From Nintex - Nintex Workflow Cloud (Advanced Preview) 

Or visit the new space to read about scenarios for the platform and get all the links to get started: Nintex Workflow Cloud

Nintex Workflow Cloud gives customer the ability to:

  • Build, deploy, manage, and modify digital workflows across a multitude of cloud content sources instead of having to select one system of record
  • Use our enhanced designer that combines sophisticated process logic with unmatched ease of use
  • Visually manage process automation effectiveness from a centralized reporting console
  • Quickly capture workflow data using any Nintex, third party, or mobile forms solution
  • Save time by leveraging pre-built workflow connectors to leading SaaS providers and line of business systems
September Release- Nintex App Studio, Hawkeye collector, Nintex Mobile

Our September Release is out! And boy, have our developers been busy! We're announcing the Nintex App Studio, a new data collector for Nintex Hawkeye‌, and new features for Nintex Mobile! Find out the details and links to blogs explaining all the features in What's New From Nintex - September 2016!

Nintex Xchange and Zapier!

NIntex XYou can start generating external start URLs and connecting your site workflows to Nintex accounts in Zapier!  And you can trigger those from the 200+ SaaS connections they have available! Nintex Technology Partner Evangelist Eric Harris‌ explains in Externally start Nintex workflows in seconds with Zapier! 

Here are four ways to trigger a workflow in the Nintex Xchange™‌:

Trigger a Nintex Workflow from Zendesk w/ Zapier 

Trigger a Nintex Workflow from Salesforce w/ Zapier 

Trigger a Nintex Workflow from OneDrive w/ Zapier 

Trigger a Nintex Workflow from DropBox w/ Zapier 

Have a great week, everyone!


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