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Community News - April 25th, 2016

Weekly Community News - April 25th, 2016

New products, new InspireX programming and a beta you could be in! Find out more in the community news this week!

Product Announcement


We've rolled out our April product release. Nintex Mobile has two new ehancements - Forms Based Authentication and Profiles!

Dan Stoll​ blogs about the features in Nintex Mobile introduces Profiles, and adds Forms Based Authentication support

And you can see all similar announcements in the Product Release Announcements​ space.

Cool Community Content


One of our Service Engineers, Jason Lee​ posted a really helpful solution for when you are using Nintex Forms: Lookupify my List

This two-part solution comes complete with extensive graphics and explanation to guide you! Thanks, Jason!


Don't forget the Jeopardy! game covering Social Media Actions has four episodes available in the Training​ space.

Jeopardy Ep 4: WordPress Actions is the latest.

But there are also short tutorials on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn!

InspireX Hong Kong


When we wrapped up our InspireX conference in Las Vegas in February, we knew we had to export it to the world.  So we're taking the show on the road, and we're calling it the InspireX Roadshow. First top: Hong Kong!

Find out about the upcoming one-day InxpireX Roadshow in the InspireX space blog: We're Going To Hong Kong!

The Nintex Learning Center


If you're a Partner, you can increase your credibility with prospective customers by earning a Workflow Pro Certificate.

And if you're a customer, you can benefit, by learning new tips, tricks and demonstrating your value in your company.  Find out more by registering, taking some pre-tests and then choosing your learning path. It's all in The Nintex Learning Center.  We've even blogged about how it benefits Partners and Customer on our corporate site.  Read all about it here.

Unanswered Questions

Each week, I like to post a few unanswered questions to highlight some folks who've not received a solution. This month, it helps you win the monthly mission: April Mission - Make it rain...answers! (And get a limited-time badge!)​.  There's less than a week to make it rain answers! So, remember if you posted a question, and someone answered it correctly, please remember to mark their answer correct!  Here are some questions that need a look:

Josh Lindemann​ is getting a Nintex for Office 365 Web Request error.  Can you help him figure that out?

sumithra N​ says her Nintex workflow cancelled by system account. What's that all about?

Julian Knight says it's nearly impossible to select a site that contains a list. He's getting an ERROR: Impossible to fill parameters on list lookup configuration . Can you help?

William Krieg asks: Does anyone know a way to analyze workflow data, Is there a way to export workflow data to analyze p...

Bob Mac​ has a very short question: Infopath: field value based on a formula. Is there a short answer?

danish ahmed​ is on the prowl for someone. He wants to know How can find the last submitter of Project Server 2013 Workflow?

Kasun Rathnayaka is asking about limitations.. And characters.

Thanks for reading and have a great week everybody!


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