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Change Document Metadata

Hey, I have inherited an internal company app built on SharePoint 2013, InfoPath and Nintex, in the most part I have managed to learn enough from what has been produced to carry out enhancements and bug fixes etc however I have a request that even though I have read many articles on I can't quite get clear in my head.


The ultimate need is to be able to select multiple documents for attachment to the record in a way you would for Windows, we have he repeating rows attachment method in InfoPath but they want to be able to select 10-15 documents at a time.


My thinking was to send in via email, have them stored in a folder within the document library with the subject name (which would be the account reference), however I need to set some fields on those files as they are added to the document library, ideally setting one of the fields to the subject/folder name.  This then defines which account ref the files belong to.


After reading around I think I may have to create a staging table and copy those documents across, but wasn't sure how to set the field I need amended.


Any help would be really appreciated.

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