Cannot find published Nintex Workflow

I published a Nintex Workflow to my site with NWAdmin:

NWAdmin.exe -o DeployWorkflow -workflowName "Approve Changes" -nwfFile ApproveChangesWF.nwf -siteUrl http://server/site -username username -password 1234 -domain xyz -overwrite

The result returned by the tool is:

Workflow Published.

Yet, I cannot find the workflow.
When i go to Site Actions > Nintex Workflow 2010 > Manage site workflows, I cannot see my workflow, that I just tried to add.
I'm also trying to get the workflow programatically, there are no workflows in the site.

SPWorkflowCollection workflowCollection = spWeb.Workflows;
workflowCollection.Count  //returns 0

How can I find this workflow?

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Re: Cannot find published Nintex Workflow

@cecilia-penha Could you please assist here?

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