Nintex Newbie

Blank space appears when printing a Nintex form that contains a hidden panel

I have a Nintex form that contains 2 panels. On panel 1 I have a “Print Friendly View” button which switches to panel 2. Panel 2 has, a different layout, contains less fields and has a “Print” button. The print button has the following on client click,  javascript:window.print(). On screen everything looks fine I can switch between the panels and the form resizes accordingly. The issue I’m having is when the form is actually printed a large blank space appears, I assumed it was overriding the “resize at runtime” option somehow. I tried placing the panels one on top of the other to see if that would reduce the blank space but it didn’t help, I’m still getting a large white space when I print the form. Does anyone have any suggestions how I can just print panel 2 with no blank spaces?