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Deploy Type AutoEmail isn't working

I have a need to automatically print documents that are generated from Nintex.  On another post, I saw where we can setup the workflow for autoemail and set the To to the email address of the printer.  I've set that up.  For some reason the document storage portion of my Outbound Message is working, but the email part is not.  Here is my formula for my Drawloop_Next formula: 


"SFWork_Order__c:" & Id & ";DDPId:a0Bf0000007Oy8rEAC;Deploy:a09f0000005MqBrAAK: DeployType:autoemail;"


I also looked at another option, to include the To in the formula (since Additional To is my only other option) and that one didn't work either. 


"SFWork_Order__c:" & Id&";contactId:villa634envy@hpeprint.com"& ";DDPId:a0Bf0000007Oy8rEAC;Deploy:a09f0000005ODJMAA4: DeployType: autoemail;"

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Re: Deploy Type AutoEmail isn't working

If you are going to be passing a contact to the Document Package it is usually looking for a contact ID, e.g. SFcontact:0030I000028MzIQ . I would also contact the support team, they should be able to confirm if there is any errors.