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Iterate through a document set in 0365

I am trying to iterate through a document set in Office 365.

I tried 2 methods but they are not working.

1. Nintex Workflow - Querying a Document Set - Vadim Tabakman 
This method requires CAML query on a Query list action which is not possible on o365

2. Iterate through documents in a Document Set | Brad’s Blatherskite Blog 

This method works for sp2013 but not O365.  

Please help.

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Workflow Hero

Re: Iterate through a document set in 0365

I figured out for O365 that the “Get Item from Collection” action needs to be put inside the for loop in order to retrieve items from a collection.  So this part is resolved.


However, a Query list action is required to select all items in a library and put into a collection?  For on-premise version CAML query is used to filter select only items inside the document set.  However CAML query filtering is not available for O365.

How can this be done on O365?

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