Missing Data in Repeating Section Fields

I have a Responsive Designer form with several repeating sections. I have tested this form extensively with my test accounts and we have also conducted user testing without any issue. We launched the form/ workflow this week: of the eight submissions to date, one submission has two fields in a repeating section which are returning empty. Both of these fields have validation rules, so the user could not have submitted the form without filling these in. I have checked the XML in NFFormData and those two fields are also empty there.

I can't work out how this could happen - and why it would only happen once - unless the user is doing something crazy which I haven't accounted for (but the same user has successfully submitted three other items). What could be going on here/ how else can I troubleshoot this?

I have re-tested the validation rules, and those function correctly - and even if they didn't, the required data is pretty important, so I don't think the user would overlook filling in these fields even if not prompted, so it seems like the data - in this one case - was not written to the XML on submission.

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Re: Missing Data in Repeating Section Fields

Hi @rthomson !

I have experienced a similar issue if the control (single line text box/choice drop down) was not properly aligned within the repeating section parameters. 


Double check it is properly aligned within the repeating section by selecting your control, and drag it from left to right to ensure the background color of the repeating section is highlighted and nothing else is!


If a control is not properly aligned, the control would be bypassed for validation rules that are applied to the repeating section 🙂





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