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Nintex Hangount Special Announcement - from Melbourne

Hello there from Australia...

After doing a little bit of traveling, I figured it may be a great idea to give you an update and share some of my trip to Melbourne while I'm out here.  For those that don't know, Australia is the origin for Nintex and where it all started.  So for me, this was a "must do" trip to see how it all began and meet those in the sister office.  I also wanted to do something really cool and in many ways a great 'first' milestone for myself and Nintex and coming off InspireX, I think the timing couldn't be any better.

Brand LogoMy eBook is almost ready!

If you saw the last hangout, you would have heard about an eBook that I had been working on.  The title of the book is From Zero to 60 with Nintex and I wrote it as a quick guide for people working with the platform.  After talking to a lot of people over the years and meeting many of you at InspireX, I really believe this book will help a lot and wanted to make it easy to read. Also, I figured there was no way I could write just one book about Nintex and finish it in a year while keeping my day job -- so this is just the beginning for me and completes a milestone started in 2014.  Since it is an eBook, I plan to keep updating the content to continue providing the community with a great additional for working with the platform. Check out the pre-launch page and sign up to stay tuned.

Special Hangout Series

Melourne is an awesome place and if you ever have a chance, you should visit.  It definitely has an old British feel to it, which is a compliment :-). I also have the opportunity to connect with a lot of the people who help make Nintex possible, and I'll share some of this experience with you as well. By the way, I heard the coffee here was amazing, so remind me to share my thoughts on it during one of my hangouts. Speaking of, I'll be doing some hangouts from here which will be a day ahead and when a good bit of my normal audience is sleeping; however, on March 16th, I'm going to do a special hangout session to launch my eBook so stay tuned and look for some great hangouts coming soon.

Till next time...thanks for helping make this community great.


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