Adding K2 Workspace Permissions Via SmartForm

Dears ,


Im sharing this document that i made hoping to help anyone ,  in case someone faces a requirment same as i did ,

it shows how to add users to specific permissions in workspace (admin , workflow , smo) Permissions .

since i couldnt find a way to interact with workspace directly , i created groups and these groups are added to workspace permissions ,

then my smartforms handles adding chosen users to the chosen permission .


Note : this approach could be applied if you are able to CREATE new domain groups and giving a specific USER full control into these groups (This specific user is going to be the one that uses the smartform to add users to permissions groups) , also these steps could apply for deleting users from permissions groups as well if you want to extend this form useage more and more .


Hope it helps!

Ahmad Yaqub,


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Re: Adding K2 Workspace Permissions Via SmartForm

Thank you

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