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K2 Five (5.4) November 2021 Cumulative Update


K2 Five (5.4) October 2021 Cumulative Update

Important steps before installing the K2 Five (5.4) November 2021 Cumulative Update

Admin consent recommended before upgrading with Nintex K2 Five (5.4) November 2021 Cumulative Update

Microsoft is deprecating Azure AD Graph API in June 2022, and as of June 30th, 2020, stopped adding new features to the API. See these Microsoft articles for more information:

Microsoft strongly recommends upgrading to Microsoft Graph API to access Azure AD APIs as well as APIs from other Microsoft services. K2 OAuth resources requiring access to the API (AAD Graph), must be upgraded to use (Microsoft Graph) as part of the migration from AAD Graph to Microsoft Graph. Nintex K2 Five (5.4) November 2021 Cumulative Update includes the code fixes necessary for this migration. For more information on migrating apps, see the Microsoft article App migration planning checklist.

After the installation of the Cumulative Update, the OAuth resources that require access to AAD Graph API will be updated to use Microsoft Graph API instead. This will affect the workflows using the Azure Active Directory broker. These workflows can enter a failed state if the workflow executes a step that uses the broker after upgrade, but before a Global administrator in your organization re-consents to the Microsoft Graph permissions. These workflows will have to be manually repaired after upgrade and re-consent.


See the following topics for more information:


K2 Five (5.4) November 2021 Cumulative Update


The  K2 Five (5.4) November 2021 Cumulative Update contains updates and fixes for issues reported in K2 Five (5.4). K2 recommends keeping your K2 environment updated by installing the latest cumulative update, and that you test this update before you deploy to a production environment.

Prerequisites and Dependencies

This cumulative update is only compatible with K2 Five (5.4). Each new cumulative update contains the updates and fixes that were included with the previous cumulative updates. The cumulative update does not require any previous cumulative updates or fixes to be installed, and no additional cumulative update is required to fully update a K2 environment. If you have installed individual code fixes included in this cumulative update, those code fixes are not changed unless a newer version of the code fix is available for the update.

Before you install this cumulative update, please check the K2 Product Releases and Build Numbers article to verify that this is the latest cumulative update available and that you have a current backup of your K2 database.
Database owner permissions are required to install this cumulative update or any of the fix packs.

Getting and installing the update

You can download the K2 Five (5.4) November 2021 Cumulative Update on Nintex Customer Central.

Download Now

To install the cumulative update, run the cumulative update installer on every machine in your environment where a K2 product or component is installed, including desktop machines that have K2 Studio or K2 Designer for Visual Studio installed. The same installer is used to update the specific K2 products and components that are installed on that machine. To determine which cumulative update or fix pack has previously been installed in your environment see

    1. Backup your K2 database.
    2. Download the K2 Five (5.4) November 2021 Cumulative
    3. Extract the .zip file to access the .exe file.
    4. Double click the .exe file and select a location to extract the installation files.
    5. The Update window opens. Click Change if you need to change the K2 database. Select the correct information and click Accept. Click Update to start the installation.



    6. A warning is displayed if a backup of the K2 database is not found. Create a backup before selecting OK. Click OK on the warning window to continue with the update. Click Cancel if you want to create a backup first.
    7. After creating the backup, you can click Update again on the Install window. If a backup for the K2 database was recently performed, the installer shows you the date and time of the last backup.
    8. Click OK to continue with the update.
    9. Wait for the update to complete, and then click Finish.
    • To rollback the K2 Five (5.4) November 2021 Cumulative Update, uninstall K2 from your environment.
    • Re-install K2 Five (5.4).
    • Re-install the Fix Pack you had installed prior to this rollback.
    • Delete the database created when you re-installed.
    • Restore the K2 database using the backup made before the update.

You can also restore the K2 database before re-installing K2. When you re-install, you can just point to the restored K2 database.

Considerations for Rollback

If you had K2 4.7 installed before any of the K2 Five versions, and you make use of the client tools that was installed with K2 4.7, you need to start the re-install with K2 4.7 before you can re-install the K2 Five version.

Included in this Update

This cumulative update includes the following fixes:



  1. KB003536 - Code Fix: An error occurs on a workflow when an Email step recipient value is empty
  2. KB003540 - Code Fix: An error occurs when you register a REST Service Instance with a “byte” Swagger...
  3. KB003541 - Code Fix: An error occurs on a legacy workflow when an Email step recipient value is empt...
  4. KB003542 - Code Fix: A server rule executes twice on a view when using Chrome or Firefox
  5. KB003544 - Code Fix: After deleting properties from a SmartObject, an error occurs when you create a...
  6. KB003549 - Code Fix: An error occurs when you create a Power Automate custom connector
  7. KB003550 - Code Fix: An error occurs when you use two columns to sort Salesforce return data
  8. KB003552 - Code Fix: When you execute the GetDocumentSets method for a specific document set SmartOb...
  9. KB003553 - Code Fix: Workflow Reports display different totals for Activity Instances
  10. KB003554 - Code Fix: The Close button disappears on a sub form
  11. KB003557 - Code Fix: When you edit a service instance, the “Cache Service account token” checkbox is...
  12. KB003543 - Code Fix: An error occurs when executing a Web Service Endpoint SmartObject
  13. KB003555 - Code Fix: Duplicate escalations are listed in the Process Instance Detail report
  14. KB003559 - Code Fix: Controls are not aligned when you view the form on a mobile device
  15. KB003560 - Code Fix: Backspace does not remove the alignment styling of a cell in K2 Designer
  16. KB003551 - Code Fix: The Context Browser behavior is incorrect in a K2 Workflow on a multi-step
  17. KB003563 - Code Fix: An error occurs when you manually run the K2 Configuration Analysis
  18. KB003562 - Code Fix: When you copy a Placeholder step with multiple outgoing lines, the lines are in...
  19. KB003568 - Code Fix: Button controls are not aligned on a form when using themes on a mobile device
  20. KB003569 - Code Fix: After upgrading to K2 Platform Classic (5.4), errors are logged in the Host Ser...
  21. KB003570 - Code Fix: After upgrading to K2 Platform Classic (5.4), an error occurs when you edit a v...
  22. KB003571 - Code Fix: Unable to use File properties from references created in a K2 Workflow
  23. KB003574 - Code Fix: SmartActions stops executing when AutoDiscover is disabled
  24. KB003577 - Code Fix: When you release a task in K2 Workspace, another task opens automatically
  25. Feature enhancement: KB003564 - Code Fix: The label for users do not display in K2 Management
  26. KB003579 - Code Fix: Incorrect execution of the “When the server loads the Form/View” rule
  27. KB003580 - Code Fix: Incorrect behavior on the Picker control on mobile devices
  28. KB003583 - Code Fix: An error occurs when you browse to Reports in K2 Management
  29. KB003572 - Code Fix: Deprecated the step by step on screen guide in K2 Workspace
  30. KB003587 - Code Fix: Incorrect display of workflow step in error state
  31. KB003565 - Code Fix: PDF files generated on mobile devices are displayed incorrectly
  32. KB003585 - Code Fix: Task notification email is not sent to redirected user
  33. KB003586 - Code Fix: A time delay is experienced when a sub workflow needs to start
  34. KB003575 - Code Fix: When you search for users or groups an error is logged in the K2 Host Server lo...
  35. KB003590 - Code Fix: When a Send Email task contains no recipients, the error that is logged does no...
  36. KB003595 - Code Fix: An error occurs when executing SmartObjects that are bound to a Composite Smart...
  37. KB003596 - Code Fix: Created PDF shows incorrectly with a grey background and green status bar
  38. KB003599 - Code Fix: Unable to use file properties from a reference created in a workflow
  39. KB003600 - Code Fix: An error occurs when you disable an Exchange mailbox using K2 Exchange Administ...
  40. KB003581 - Code Fix: Unable to perform actions on Process Instances in K2 Management
  41. KB003597 - Code Fix: XSS vulnerability on forms
  42. KB003598 - Code Fix: Unable to use an Exchange SmartObject to retrieve emails by folder
  43. KB003604 - Code Fix: An error occurs when you attempt to create a K2 for SharePoint App from a Share...
  44. KB003605 - Code Fix: After upgrading to K2 Platform Classic (5.4), K2 Management does not load corre...
  45. KB003606 - Code Fix: Unable to close the pop-up screen background image in K2 Designer
  46. KB003608 - Code Fix: An error occurs when you execute the Activity Instance Destination SmartObject
  47. KB003610 - Code Fix: An error occurs when you use inputs in a workflow from a reference created by a...
  48. KB003611 - Code Fix: An error occurs when the forwarded user for an Out of Office task opens the wor...
  49. KB003616 - Code Fix: No SharePoint Site templates return in K2 Management
  50. KB003617 - Code Fix: Rollback of K2 Management not loading correctly
  51. KB003618 - Code Fix: When running a sync on an ADFS provider, multiple errors are logged
  52. KB003619 - Code Fix: K2 Studio workflow instance status displays incorrect in reports
  53. KB003614 - Code Fix: An error occurs when you create an advanced SmartObject
  54. KB003621 - Code Fix: Deleted referenced fields are not badged in a workflow and results in an error ...
  55. KB003622 - Code Fix: Deadlock errors presented in K2 Database
  56. KB003623 - Code Fix: When you copy a step in the K2 Workflow designer an error occurs
  57. KB003620 - Code Fix: An error occurs when you deploy a form that contains a Custom control
  58. KB003628 - Code Fix: Incorrect layout when creating a PDF from a URL
  59. KB003629 - Code Fix: The output from using the SaveAsPDF control on a mobile device is incorrect
  60. KB003625 - Code Fix: Deadlock errors occur on the [Server].[kCluster] stored procedure
  61. KB003631 - Code Fix: Task status display incorrect for participants on reports
  62. KB003632 - Code Fix: The toolbar buttons on the layout page of the View Designer disappear
  63. KB003491 - Code Fix: An error occurs when you filter data using the K2 SmartObject OData API
  64. KB003633 - Code Fix: Task notifications are sent to the incorrect user
  65. KB003635 - Code Fix: The Picker control behavior is incorrect when using the Internet Explorer brows...
  66. KB003639 - Code Fix: When a SmartObject generated from a SQL server Stored Procedure returns data, t...
  67. KB003643 - Code Fix: When adding a new Endpoints Web Service Instance or Endpoints Assembly Service ...
  68. KB003615 - Code Fix: Incorrect behavior occurs when you edit a date/time value on an Editable List V...
  69. KB003647 - Code Fix: When you click an item in a disabled list view, the view becomes enabled
  70. KB003648 - Code Fix: When a form/view has a table with 250 or more rows and columns, overall perform...
  71. KB003649 - Code Fix: The K2 smartforms Hyperlink control converts URL values to lower case
  72. KB003650 - Code Fix: An error occurs when viewing the viewflow of a workflow created using the Workf...
  73. Code Fix: SSL Certificate errors might cause the PDF Converter Service to become unresponsive
  74. Code Fix: Double clicking to edit a row on an Editable List view replaces the values of another row in the list
  75. Code Fix: The Image Attachment control is not executing the On Change rule when nothing is transferred to the control
  76. Code Fix: After deployment, sharepoint artefacts require regeneration, when a package is created on SharePoint 2016 and deployed on SharePoint 2019
  77. Code Fix: An error occurs when you attempt to open a form when the HTML property of a Rich Text control contains a pipe character
  78. Code Fix: In some instances where the originator of the process has an underscore in the username, the originator is not displayed correctly
  79. Code Fix: K2 expression numbers are converted into scientific e-notations
  80. Code Fix: K2 on-premises Sync Engine takes a long time to sync ADFS users and groups
  81. Code Fix: When selecting an item from a People Picker control after searching, the control redirects to a Chrome browser page
  82. Code Fix: When attempting to add a document to a SharePoint Document Library, an error occurs
  83. Code Fix: Chinese characters do not return when you execute a SmartObject created from an Oracle stored procedure
  84. Code Fix: When you have a checkbox or radio button control to the right on a form, clicking either of the controls results in the focus on the form to scroll back to the left
  85. Code Fix: When navigating between radio buttons on a view or form using a device with iOS14, the view or form becomes unresponsive
  86. Code Fix: When you copy and paste Tasks in a workflow, the system name of the copied task displays the existing Task step display name instead of the default name
  87. Code Fix: An error occurs when the Sync Engine attempts to sync accounts in Active Directory Recycle Bin
  88. Code Fix: The Object SID property is empty when you execute the UMUser SmartObject
  89. Code Fix: When you open the View Flow for a Legacy workflow from K2 Management, icons are missing
  90. Code Fix: After upgrading to K2 Five (5.4), you are unable to edit a K2 4.7 Legacy workflow created from the Silverlight designer. When editing the workflow, you will see the new workflow screen instead
  91. Code Fix: After upgrading to K2 Five (5.4) and applying Fix Pack 21, you are unable to run the Reconfigure from SetupManager
  92. Code Fix: When you attempt to open a viewflow for a specific workflow the following error occurs "Server Error in '/Designer/K2workflow' Application"
  93. Code Fix: When you open the About dialog the following error occurs: "The conversion of a nvarchar data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value."

    Consideration: It is recommended to have the service account on the correct culture. It should match the same culture of the user that installed K2.

  94. Code Fix: When you use HTML in an escalation email, the HTML does not render correctly when the email is sent to the user

    Consideration: You need to re-add the HTML template and re-deploy the workflow.

  95. Code Fix: Unable to open the Mobile option in K2 Management.
  96. Code Fix: An error occurs when attempting to deploy a package containing a large form when a corrupted entry was created at the time of creating the package and deployment .zip file. Error Message: "SourceCode.ComponentModel.Zip.Zip.BadReadException: bad read of entry".
  97. Code Fix: After updating to the new PDF service the date format on various forms changed from en-AU to en-US which changed the position of the day and month values.
  98. Code Fix: After upgrading from K2 4.7 to K2 Five (5.4), you are unable to open forms and views with multiple check boxes that are used in expressions and conditional control styling.
  99. Code Fix: After upgrading to K2 Five (5.4), the state of workflows is not logged correctly in the database.
  100. Code Fix: Text becomes unreadable on a File Attachment control.
  101. Code Fix: Unable to deploy a package to the target environment, even if no errors occurred when the package was created.
  102. Code Fix: Actions under a for each rule do not work after you create a copy of a view using the Save As option.

    Consideration: The fix will only work on new views created using the Save As option.

  103. Code Fix: An error occurs when you search for users via task Redirect or Share on the K2 Workspace App.
  104. Code Fix: Unable to click the event that calls a sub workflow from Viewflow.
  105. Code Fix: When you use a worklist control to batch action multiple worklist items, the CPU usage becomes high.
  106. Code Fix: After upgrading to K2 Five (5.4), horizontal lines are missing on the Viewflow of a legacy workflow.
  107. Code Fix: Unable to drag outcome lines from a copied Decision step.
  108. Code Fix: When you load a time value from a SmartObject, the value returns as 00h00.
  109. Code Fix: When you use the Envelope Audit SmartObject, an error occurs.
  110. Code Fix: Formatting is not applied correctly to drop down list values.
  111. Code Fix: After upgrading to K2 Five (5.4), an error occurs when you edit a workflow.
  112. Code Fix: An error occurs when you deploy a K2 package that contains a K2 Studio workflow.
  113. Code Fix: When you use a worklist control to batch action multiple worklist items, the CPU usage becomes high.
  114. Code Fix: An error occurs on email steps when you use SMTP configurations.
  115. Code Fix: The date format in the Error Report does not match the Windows Server configuration.
  116. Code Fix: After upgrading to K2 Five (5.4), a timeout error occurs when attempting to deploy a K2 fo....
  117. Code Fix: Using an Oracle Database Stored Procedure with a row that has multiple lines in it returns....
  118. Code Fix: Two Stored procedures in the K2 database references a table that does not exist.
  119. Code Fix: When you perform a quick search on a number column, an error occurs.
  120. Code Fix: When you attempt to deploy a workflow, an error occurs.
  121. Code Fix: Workflow SmartObject step with option "Wait for external system" does not work.
  122. Code Fix: Exchange Administration Enable Mailbox error since Exchange April 2021 is installed.
  123. Code Fix: When you deploy a workflow with an underscore in the name, the underscore is replaced with....
  124. Code Fix: Unable to copy and paste text in a Rich Text control that already contains text.
  125. Code Fix: When you open an activity from the Process Overview report, slow performance is experience....
  126. Code Fix: Dropdown list generated for SharePoint lookup column does not populate.
  127. Code Fix: When you retry a Workflow in error state, Workflow instances go into unmanageable state.
  128. Code Fix: When you open a view with a file attachment control, slow performance is experienced.
  129. Code Fix: After upgrading to K2 Five (5.4), the OData instance no longer posts http header to the ex... .
  130. Code Fix: The K2 Server stops intermittently .
  131. Feature Enhancement: When adding assemblies that contain methods with the same names in different cl....
  132. Feature Enhancement: The table control can now be configured to be responsive.
  133. Code Fix: An error is displayed in Viewflow on an incorrect activity.
  134. Code Fix: Incorrect user task behavior when you redirect or delegate a task.
  135. Code Fix: Ribbon items do not display when using K2 for SharePoint.
  136. Code Fix: List View column headers do not align on an iOS device.
  137. Code Fix: Rating control style issue when using the Lithium them on a form.
  138. Code Fix: An error occurs when you compare two SmarObjects of type GUID.
  139. Code Fix: The onChange event of a Calendar control is executed incorrectly.
  140. Code Fix: An error occurs when you attempt to access the swagger URL for Workflow API.
  141. Code Fix: Duplicate Service Object methods display in the Context Browser.
  142. Code Fix: The incorrect decision step name is referenced in K2 Workflow error logs.
  143. Code Fix: The HTML 5 K2 Workflow designer sets an ALM notification on a workflow step.
  144. Code Fix: Opening a workflow in the K2 Workflow designer results in an error.
  145. Code Fix: Unable to adjust column width after Chrome browser update to version 91.
  146. Code Fix: When you double click to add a user to a role, the label is not added.
  147. Code Fix: Transferring 195 or more values/items to the Picker control results in an error.
  148. Code Fix: A scrollbar appears in the PDF content.
  149. Code Fix: The generate SmartObjects popup in K2 Management takes 15 plus seconds to load.
  150. Code Fix: Unable to edit property of advanced SmartObject.
  151. Code Fix: Worklist item link in a user task notification is missing a custom form parameter.
  152. Code Fix: K2 Management task list displays tasks for workflows with similar titles.
  153. Feature Enhancement: The Security Audit SmartObject will now display any changes made to roles.
  154. Code Fix: Duplicate/Undefined values shown in list view quick search dropdown.
  155. Code Fix: Smartforms environment fields are exposed.
  156. Code Fix: High risk security issue in the general SmartObject framework.
  157. Code Fix: K2 Five (5.4) Fix Pack 42 removes WebService URL field.
  158. Code Fix: Upgrading UiPath Orchestrator to version 2020.10.8 an error occurs in UiPath SmartObjects.
  159. Code Fix: SmartForms “Export to Excel” action trims values.
  160. Code Fix: K2 Workflow with multiple references creates a phantom 3rd reference.
  161. Code Fix: Form is visible at runtime when property is set to false.
  162. Code Fix: An error occurs when searching for a SmartObject in Management.
  163. Code Fix: Missing reference error occurs when deploying a workflow.
  164. Code Fix: During Package and Deployment form conditions are overwritten.
  165. Code Fix: Controls below the Rich Text control, disappear after clicking on the bold icon.
  166. Code Fix: Unable to interact with Role in K2 Management.
  167. Code Fix: K2 Workspace does not load.
  168. Code Fix: Multi line text displays as a single line.
  169. Code Fix: The “Close browser window” action does not work on the K2 Workspace app.
  170. Code Fix: SharePoint Online List lookup column does not work.
  171. Code Fix: K2 Workflow does not go into error state when required SmartObject property is empty.
  172. Code Fix: The size of the K2 database exceeds 160 GB.
  173. Code Fix: An error occurs when you rebuild/reorganize the IX-SmartBroker_ServiceInstance_Guid.
  174.  Code Fix: An AngularJS client-side template injection security risk was addressed.
  175. Code Fix: Unable to deploy a Package and Deployment package containing legacy K2 Workflows.
  176. Code Fix: Cannot connect to the K2 Workflow server.
  177. Code Fix: Installing a Fix Pack with a non-default database name of K2, results in an error.
  178. Code Fix: Running a reconfigure on an environment with a previous Fix Pack applied, fails.
  179. Code Fix: Calendar control incorrectly returns UTC based date.
  180. Code Fix: A PDF Service Security vulnerability has been addressed.
  181. Code Fix: Deactivating a SharePoint Site, the Sync Engine provider remain active.
  182. Code Fix: Running K2 Fix Pack Installer on Azure SQL fails.
  183. Code Fix: Day Difference operator in Smartforms returns incorrect results.
  184. Code Fix: K2 Smartforms Rating control not working as expected with Grey void theme.
  185. Code Fix: Editable list view fields become un-editable.
  186. Code Fix: With Lightweight Directory Access Protocol domain users are removed.
  187. Code Fix: Dropdown List control does not align with controls in View toolbar.
  1. When you Upgrade to K2 Five (5.4), ID numbers have a comma formatting in K2 Management site’s error log section, the format setting on the Error logs List view has the “Use 1000 separator” checked displaying commas after the 1000s.

  2. When you have a Slider control with the visible property set to false, the Slider control is not made visible at runtime when using “Set control properties” or “Show control” rule actions.

  3. When you are setting up an Advanced SmartObject that uses methods from a REST service and some SQL methods, when attempting to set up the service method links in the K2 Designer some of the data is not loaded when setting up the second link and an error occurs in the dev console.
  4. When you have a K2 Workflow that starts an inter-process communication or IPC, the IPC fails to start after a server reconfiguration resulting in an error. Consideration: The Workflow needs to be re-deployed after installing K2 Five (5.4) November 2021 Cumulative Update.

  5. When you create a K2 Workflow with a Create Reference step in K2 Five (5.2) and you then upgrade to K2 Five (5.4), clicking on the existing Create Reference step will create a new Item Reference.

  6. When you have a disabled Textbox control with default text on a Form with the theme set to Blue Void, the text cannot be seen when the form is opened on an iOS device in the Safari or Chrome browsers.
  7. Slider Control value does not populate when a hidden View is loaded on the Form.
  8. PDF converter SmartObject fails with an assembly load error for system.memory.


There are no known considerations at the time of writing the notes, except for those mentioned for some of the fixes listed above. 

Ensure you read the "Important steps before installing the K2 Five (5.4) November 2021 Cumulative Update" listed at the top of this article.

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