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Nintex Promapp - Taking a process ‘offline’ temporarily when ‘Publish only’ mode is enabled


How to take a process ‘offline’ temporarily when ‘Publish only’ mode is enabled.



  1. Log in as a Promaster
  2. Navigate to ‘Admin’ > ‘Viewing Permissions’.
  3. Create a new ‘Offline’ permission and associate all user you wish to have access to offline processes.
  4. Navigate to ‘Admin’ > ‘Manage Groups’.
  5. Create a new group labelled ‘Offline Processes’.
  6. Right click the group and select ‘Edit Viewing Permissions’
  7. Remove the ‘General’ viewing permission and add ‘Offline’.
  8. Drag and drop the process from the existing group into the ‘Offline’ group.
    Note: To make the process public again, repeat this step moving it in the opposite direction.


Additional Information

Customers using ‘Normal’ mode for publishing processes can remove a process from general access simply by changing the ‘Process State’ to ‘In Progress’. However, when ‘Publish only’ mode is enabled this behaviour is not available. Instead the published version remains available as changes are made.


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