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Nintex Foxtrot RPA - Part 2 - Installation & Activation



What is included in the Foxtrot Suite?

The Foxtrot Suite will install four (4) programs:

  • Foxtrot is your Automated Employee, which will cover all your automation needs. Once you have activated your product key, Foxtrot will be your go-to application.
  • FoxBot is a run-time only version of Foxtrot. This will let you run all projects written in Foxtrot, without consuming your full Suite licenses.
  • FoxHub is your central control center, used to control your full Bot deployment.
  • Foxtrot Administrator is used to activate your product key and enable the Enhaced import Wizard. Foxtrot Administrator can also be used to manage security roles and preferences, restrict certain technologies, and share licenses among your domain.


How do I activate my Product Key?

To activate your product key after installing the software, you will want to review our deployment guide:


Why won't Foxtrot open after installing or upgrading?

Foxtrot shows a successful install, but you cannot launch the application or you can get AppCrash error. This is common, as Windows may prevent these programs from opening. These programs may need to be added to an exceptions list known as Windows Data Execution Prevention (DEP). For detailed instructions on how to correct this error, follow the steps in this article: Add Foxtrot to DEP.


Why don't I see any licenses available to add?

At the end of the activation process, there are zero licenses available to add. This is typically due to lack of the necessary permissions to the installation folder. Users will need read, write, and modify permissions to the installation folder (the default is C:\Program Files (x86)\Foxtrot Suite, or C:\Program Files\Foxtrot Suite for 32-bit machines). 


Can I install an earlier version of Foxtrot?

While EnableSoft always recommends that you be up-to-date with the most recent version of our software, we understand you may require an earlier version. The last three (3) major releases are available on our Past Versions page. Note that only the versions available on this page are supported.


What are the system requirements for Foxtrot Suite?

A complete list of the system requirements for Foxtrot Suite can be found on our Latest Version page under the System Requirements tab. Keep in mind that these are the minimum requirements needed to install and run the software. For enhanced performance, please review the recommended system requirements on the same page.


When upgrading my Foxtrot, Should I uninstall my current version first?

Uninstalling the previous version is only necessary if your existing version is earlier than version 8.0.1. In all other cases, the most recent version can be installed directly on top of the existing version. None of your scripts, licensing information, preferences, etc… will be affected by upgrading. For a detailed instruction on the upgrade process, please review the document, Upgrading to the Latest Version.


I see a message telling me that my database is missing, inaccessible, or corrupt. What does that mean?

Reasons for seeing this message suggest that at least one of the following are true:

  • The license path was misspelled or does not exist
  • The user does not have proper permissions to the license path
  • The user does not have proper permissions to the local Foxtrot Suite folders


To correct this error, please review the following support articles: The user database is missing, inaccessible, or corrupt.


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