The field with Id {} defined in feature {} was found in the current site collection or in a sub site.

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The supported Migration Documentation can be found here:

Migrating/ Upgrading - What you need to know:

Migrating Nintex Workflow FAQs:


Error messages that indicate/relate to the issue:

  • Error occurs when attempting to activate the Nintex Workflow site collection features:

The field with Id {} defined in feature {} was found in the current site collection or in a sub site.


Note: the exact Id may vary depending on which content type is found. You can find the list of Nintex content types and their ID’s here:

  • Error occurs when attempting to publish a Nintex workflow:

Server was unable to process request ---> Column 'NintexWorkflowID' does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user.


  • Missing Site Content Types:

You will see multiple missing content types when navigating to Site Actions > Site Settings > Site Content Types > Nintex Workflow at the site collection root.

These are the Content types that should be showing up in the environment and should always be inherited from the Site Collection root:


If you find that any of the above content types exist on a subsite and are not inherited from the site collection root (top level site of that site collection) this is an indication that you have orphaned content types.


This issue commonly occurs when subsites are imported in to a site collection that does not have the Nintex Workflow Site collection feature enabled.

These errors happen especially when using Metalogix to migrate.  If you used Metalogix to migrate, please contact Metalogix support for assistance.

The process below has been found to resolve this issue in some cases; however, we strongly recommend you follow the Nintex migration documentation to resolve this issue.

That documentation can be found here: Migrating/Upgrading - What you need to know

Finding Affected Sites:

Using the script in the article below, you can identify all sites in a site collection that are using Nintex Content Types.

How to quickly identify Nintex Content Type usage in SharePoint

The root site of the site collection is the only site that should have the content types, all other sites inherit from the root.

Run the script from the link above, updating the last line with your Site Collections URL if you do not want to run this against all site collections in the farm. For example:

Get-SPSite https://SiteCollectionURL | Get-SharePointWebsContainingNintex | Get-SharePointListCollection | Get-SharePointListContainingNintex | FT Title, ParentWeb

Possible Workaround (Not guaranteed to work):

Once you have located the subsites that have the Nintex Content Types associated with them you will need to export these sites using the powershell export-spweb command.

Next delete the site and empty it from the Recycling Bin and Second Stage Recycling bin (this is a critical step!)

Once the problematic sites are fully removed, activate Nintex features on the Site Collection by going to Site Actions > Site Settings > under Site Collection Administration choose Site Collection Features > Nintex Workflow 20xx

After successfully activating the features without errors you can then complete an import-spweb of each of the subsites that you exported.

Only resolution is to re-do migration using our migration documentation, which is database attach method.