Sales Discount Approval with Salesforce and Nintex Workflow Cloud

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Use the Approve Sales Discounts template
to solve real business problems!

The Nintex Workflow Cloud Approve Sales Discounts template helps you get a head start managing your sales discount review and approval business process. Starting from a simple, single reviewer process, you will see how to extend your workflow into a sophisticated multi-reviewer workflow that supports negotiations between multiple reviewers.

Manual sales discount approval processes tend to be inconsistent, resulting in lost time, opportunities, and productivity as the reviewers and sales executives juggle missed approval requests and responses, misstagged Salesforce Opportunity records, and false starts. With an automated system, the workflow provides a consistent process where the requests, approvals, email formats, and Salesforce records no longer vary from one request to another.

This template highlights how Nintex Workflow Cloud connects to Salesforce, starts when specific conditions exist, implements branching business logic based on data value ranges and automatically sends out email based approval requests. The workflow then updates the Opportunity record based on approval or rejection.

Process stepsFlowchart
  1. The workflow starts when a Salesforce record is updated and: 
    1. Discount value is greater than zer0
    2. Approval value is blank
  2. Sends Workflow Started mail
  3. Auto approves if < 30%
  4. Requests manager approval if > 30%
  5. Updates the Salesforce record
  6. Emails seller with details
  7. Ends

Quickstart with the template

  1. Create a connection to Salesforce from Nintex Workflow Cloud
  2. Use Save As to create a copy of the {Template} Sales Discount Approval..
  3. Select your Salesforce connection in the Start event and Update record actions
  4. Type in your email address for notification
  5. Publish and test the workflow

For detailed instructions on configuring and publishing your workflow follow this guide.