Nintex Forms Enterprise and Nintex Mobile Enterprise FAQ

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On the 22nd July 2015 we released Nintex Forms and Nintex Mobile Enterprise editions. We've had a lot of interest on the site about it, and with interest comes questions So I've done my best to put together an FAQ to address these questions. If you have other questions about how Nintex Mobile Enterprise and Nintex Forms enterprise works, leave a comment below.

Where can I read more about it?

You can read more about Nintex Forms and Nintex Mobile Enterprise on these blog posts.

Building custom-branded apps is easy with NME

Intro to Nintex Mobile Enterprise (NME)

Nintex Forms Enterprise - SQL Request Control

Announcing the new Enterprise Editions for Nintex Forms and Nintex Mobile

You can also have a look at the release notes.

Nintex Forms 2013 - Release Notes

Nintex Mobile Enterprise - Release Notes

Does Nintex Forms Enterprise cost extra?

Yes, Nintex Forms Enterprise will be an additional cost. Please contact your partner for pricing.

How do I access Nintex Forms Enterprise and Nintex Mobile Enterprise?

You'll need to go to the trial page on and sign-up for a trial version of Nintex Forms 2010 or Nintex Forms 2013. This gives you access to Nintex Forms Enterprise Edition and Nintex Mobile Enterprise Edition.

How do I upgrade or purchase?

Nintex Forms Enterprise

  1. Go to Product Downloads and download the latest installer files for Nintex Forms 2010 or Nintex Forms 2013 and install on your server.
  2. Contact your Nintex Partner or to get the enterprise licenses.

Note: The same install files are used for Nintex Forms standard and enterprise editions. The difference is in the licensing.

Note: You will need the latest version of Nintex Forms to activate Nintex Forms Enterprise.

Nintex Mobile Enterprise

  1. Contact your Nintex partner or to gain access to Nintex Mobile Enterprise editions.

Is there an edition comparison doc for Nintex Forms standard and Nintex Forms Enterprise?

Yes, there will be. We are currently working on one, and I will post back here when it is available.

In the meantime, please have a read of the following:

How do I watch the webinar if I missed it?

Nintex ran a webinar for Nintex Forms Enterprise and Nintex Mobile Enterprise on August 5th. You can watch it here Webinar - Nintex Mobile Enterprise and Nintex Forms Enterprise

Nintex Newbie

is above also a url to login to customer support.
Just documenting support options
available with Nintex for local support vendor.



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Hi Chris,

Is the "NINTEX Forms Edition Comparison" document updated yet? I had received one dated with "Copyright 2015". But I cannot find it on the web. Where was it published on the web? And if ever updated, where is the new one?

This is extremely important for new projects.



Nintex Newbie

I need an official feature comparison sheet for Standard vs Enterprise. Just like the one that exists for Nintex Workflow.

You mentioned one year ago that it would be made available but I haven't seen such a thing.

In last September you say "There are many more features in the pipeline for NFE such as tabbed forms but this is what you can access right now." Has this become a reality? What are the new features in NFE?

Please make feature comparison sheet available now - I need it to support my business case to get funding for an upgrade.



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Hi, Leif Frederiksen​!

I believe that they keep that type of marketing content on the site. Here's a link I got there:file:///C:/Users/FieldF/Downloads/nintex-workflow-platform-system-reqs%20(5).pdf

If that doesn't work, please try this: Workflow Software by Nintex Makes Automation Easy and at the bottom of that page, you'll see a link to "Product features, editions and system requirements." I think that's what you're looking for.

If not, I'll try to connect you to someone in the Partner team so help you out.

Automation Master
Automation Master

Hi ‌,

I still fail on finding an official edition comparism sheet for Nintex Forms OnPrem. Could you please provide some information on where to find that document? There are some resources available in the web but I would love to have some official Nintex doc as I need to communicate this information to my customers.



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Hi, Philipp Lucas‌! Is this of assistance?  Nintex Forms is on pgs 4-5.

Automation Master
Automation Master

‌ this seems to exactly what I was looking for, thank you very much!

Maybe you can edit Emilys blog post to include this reference. Right now it says that you are still working on this document which seems to be an outdated information