December 2016 Mission: Gift Exchange II

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December Mission: Gift Exchange II


In the spirit of giving, we offer you an exchange for the December Mission.  We did this last year, and the comments were great.  Here's how it works:

  • Like this blog post (see the option beneath the banner above)
  • Post a comment below that includes a link to three different posts in the community.
  • Explain why you like each post or why you think each one is valuable.
  • Tag one person in your post calling her/him out for the contribution to the Community.

You get 300 points for doing ALL of the steps above.

You can choose blog posts, questions, documents, discussions or polls - doesn't matter.  They just need to be something YOU find valuable. Whether it's a comment that answered your question, a blog post or document you found helpful, or a poll you enjoyed taking, post a link to it and tell everyone why you find it useful. Don't feel compelled to write a novel, a sentence or two is fine.

Tips For Completing This Mission

Here's a little help:  Go up to the upper-right corner of the screen and perform a search to find the content you're looking for.

You might also find a thread in which you commented in your Inbox.

Once you find what you want to share, copy the URL and share it in your comment. Or use the method for tagging someone.


Tagging someone is easy, too.  Just type "@" and the name of the community member in your comment window.

A box will pop up that looks similar to the one to the right.

You'll get a list of people, and the option to click "Show 5 more" if the person you want doesn't appear right away.  You'll also get a list of "CONTENT," and an option to "Show 5 more" if that doesn't turn up what you expected.


And since I'm in a gift-giving mood... If you meet all the requirements, and do it for THREE pieces of community content, I'll tack on an extra 200 points, for a grand total of 500 points for this month's mission.  Nobody will ever accuse me of being a "points scrooge!"

That's it!

Remember, this is your last chance to earn points for 2016 as we plan to start afresh in 2017 (which we also did last year and the year before that). Read more here: It's Time to Reset the Points Again!

I look forward to seeing the posts you found the most valuable this year!



Your Community Manager

Automation Master

Hi Frank,

could you explain what's exactly meant with

do it for THREE pieces of community content

you ask for links to 3 different  posts.

does that mean they should be from different community spaces?

or how should we understand it?

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Sorry if the wording is unclear. I just mean post a link to three different pieces of content you found valuable. Doesn't matter what type: discussion, question, blogpost, document, video. They can all be from the same space, that's totally fine!

Design Dabbler

Could be useful one day so I bookmarked it:

This blogpost is a must for all the Procurement-Automaters out there:

People, use the Nintex Webservice more! (/_vti_bin/nintexworkflow/workflow.asmx)

I am curious about ‌'s Collection 🙂

Automation Master

I've bookmarked lots of great posts this year that picking three is difficult but here goes:

  1. Here's one from Nintex Xchange - Patrick Abel‌'s cool code to created a tabbed layout.  Yep - we're all waiting for this feature to come to Nintex but for now, here's the best workaround I could find. 
  2. Eric Harris‌ gave us a great tutorial on some classic mistakes people make when creating Nintex Workflows.  This stuff is really handy to read to ensure you don't...
  3. If you want to get a little more advanced, try Brad Orluk‌'s tutorial on polling an o365 user's out of office status.

My shout out goes to ‌ - he's simply a Nintex Guru plus ‌ - some of the stuff Brad has helped me with this year has been invaluable.

Have a great festive season everyone!



Automation Master

Here you three of my 2016 bookmarks:

Nintex Save button without forcing Validations : William Muzzio‌ has investigated how to save a form without enforcing validations

The Gentle art of delegation : Dan Stoll‌ has deep described a solution on how to delegate a task using web services

 : during this year I've started looking deeper on what NWAdmin can do and this guide helped me a lot!

In addition, a person who, in my opinion, has done a great job here on the community this year is


Automation Master

Just going through my bookmarks as picking just three is going to be immensely difficult!

Here goes:

  1. Date and Time Format Strings - Quick Reference Guide‌ by Andrew Glasser‌ - I literally always refer to this as I can never remember the formats off the top of my head!
  2. This problem seems to crop up time and time again on the community and it is so easy to just point to this awesome blog post by Andrew Beals‌ to sort the issue - Nintex Icons missing from Ribbon
  3. My favourite community member and absolute inspiration for making this place what it should be Jesse McHargue‌ for just genuinely loving Nintex and being interested in different approaches to solutions - check out his findings on my Nintex Xchange™‌ solution Document Review Reminder Process
Automation Master

I have to call out Cassy Freeman‌ for her massive contributions this year. Check out her 12 Blog Posts this year! From lurker to front page!

I also want to thank all of the new top contributors this year, especially those that are non-partners. This was a transitional year with improved content and answering in the masses.

It will be tough to pick a top three, but here are a few of my many bookmarks and viewed content from this year.

  • ‌ - a commonly requested process concept outlined wonderfully by
  • ‌ - not only will NWC change the world, so will the increasing usage of the Microsoft Graph!
  • ‌ - anything by ‌ is awesome, but I have a special place in my heart for the state machine. 

Also thanks to ‌ for answering so many questions, what an effort!

I'm very excited to see the growth of this community and can't thank ‌ enough for making it work so well.

Nintex Newbie

this community is very helpful and has saved me umpteen number of times. 

here is the list of recent content i used

  1. Nintex Icons missing from Ribbon - i went berserk with beautifying my pages...then suddenly on one of the list views i realized i cannot get to my nintex workflow anymore. I almost had an heart attack. This post saved me !
  2. Workflows not continuing - Timer Service and Delays  - This has helped me to architect my application properly. We have a hybrid solution which uses c# apps to manipulate data in SharePoint lists. Knowing the details of how jobs are picked is a super plus point.
  3. Populating Repeating Section Controls with List Data - This has helped me tremendously in my current project. I had to save about 200 columns of data for each row. After realizing adding so many column isn't wise we went with repeating section.

thanks ‌ for simple explanations

Nintex Newbie

Following are my bookmarked links;

  1. Displaying Repeating Section as table in List View - the CSR approach Repeating section is one of the coolest feature of Nintex Workflows/Forms but displaying the data in list view is tricky. This link shows the easy way to display repeating section data.
  2. PowerShell Find All Workflows - Part 1 This is the most helpful thing in case migration or auditing  where we need to find the workflow counts.
  3. Date and Time Format Strings - Quick Reference Guide Useful guide for date and time formats

I would like to thank ‌ for helping me in case of repeating control solutions

Automation Master

Translating your process into Nintex  - Mr Jesse McHargue‌ paying attention to the much neglected task of requirements gathering and definition.

Embedding Signature Pad in Nintex Form Always like the opportunity to get a squiggle on our form.

  and I loved ‌ hacking the Amazon button to start a Nintex Workflow. Can't envisage using it, but love this kind of stuff.

My shout out goes to my good friend ‌ who powered her way to the top of her rankings by trying to help everyone at every opportunity and engaging users in the community.

Workflow Hero

Not 3 but the 4 posts that are most memorable to me, especially for getting me started in developing more professional workflows would have to be Aaron Labiosa‌'s 4 part series: Defensive Workflows.

Defensive Workflow Design Part 1 - Workflow History Lists

Defensive Workflow Design Part 2 - SharePoint Topology

Defensive Workflow Design Part 3 - Separation of Concerns

Defensive Workflow Design Part 4 - Slow Down and Speed Up

Each of the posts above were great in that they slowed me down and got me to move from just building workflows to attack a problem or requirement and moving me closer to the business process professional that I need to be in thinking more deeply about logical and systematic approaches to handling an issue. Part 4 was especially helpful as it helped me see that a lot of my "phantom" errors were coming from bloated overly complex workflows that needed to either be simplified or split up (see Breaking up a large workflow, to split or not to split? by ‌).

Probably the person most readily helpful to me in overcoming issues I have been dealing with has been ‌. Again and again Marian‌ has assisted in answering my questions and helped me to understand how to overcome my "new guy" limitations. Thanks Marian!

Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

There are simply too many to pick from so these are ones that helped me over the last few months on various efforts:

Web Service call fail and retry  - Good insight on how to loop your web services so they do not kill your entire workflow! We ran into issues and finally put something in place to catch the errors and deal with them rather than having the workflow just give up.

How to add user to group using NINTEX Workflow in SharePoint 2013 Online  - Native functionality in SP hooked up with Nintex to make basic processes's what this is all about! Used in our site provisioning workflow to create basic groups and then populate them with predefined users. Makes site creation easy!

Minimum Permissions for Nintex Workflow for Office 365  - Have been doing a lot of research on O365 and Nintex for my company and this is a gem and often overlooked until you realize...permissions will always be a part of your life! 

There are too many users to only pick one!

Frank Field‌ - This all is possible because of the amount of effort he pours into this community

Cassy Freeman‌ - Always with a good blog or insight on a topic abd she continually is engaging other users. Gives us all something to chase on the leader board !

Eric Harris‌ - Nintex Hangout puts the personal touch on the community and connects with us.

‌ - For stepping up and wanting to make this a better community and going out of your way to do so.

You...yes you...the one user that is reading this... for taking the time to read the posts and responding and continuing the conversations. We are all in this together. We are all wanting to get better and progress. It has been an amazing year and I cannot wait to see what next year has in store!

Thank you all!

Workflow Veteran

I'd like to me mention to you, Frank Field‌ because of your efforts not only on community contents, but also answering every questions I ask you directly.

Another mention to our Nintex Lady of the year Cassy Freeman‌, just mention one of her all useful articles >>> Inserting or Updating a Managed Metadata field using Nintex Workflow 

And finally my favourite article of the year >>>  from

Connector Crackerjack
Automation Master

Thanks for the mention Chris – I'm glad to hear this Xchange asset was helpful for you!

Automation Master

There's been a lot of great content contributed to the community over the last year – here's some of my favorites!

Process Pupil

Likewise Chris Ben!

Appreciate the kind words and thank you so much for your contributions here on Connect!

Process Pupil

Thanks for the shout out ‌ and please keep up the participation here on Connect. It's been great work!

Workflow Veteran

Good day,

The articles found most useful in my area were:

‌ - Great demo by

Formatting Results to an Email‌ - This was very useful in the November challenge 🙂 Dan Stoll

‌ by ‌ - very useful to make forms look neat.

I think the person I would like to mention is Cassy Freeman‌ for being so passionate about Nintex and always ready to help but also a BIG Thanks to the whole community for making this the best support site I have ever worked on.

Automation Master

It's Time to Reset the Points Again!  Thanks Frank Field‌ for keeping us on our toes and remind us to stay vigilant of our efforts.

Power Nintex Workflow Cloud workflows with Public Forms  Thanks Brad Orluk‌ for always helping to bring new and exciting features to the attention of all.

Nintex Workflow Cloud - Embracing the Power of the Text Message Thanks Vadim Tabakman‌ for pushing Nintex to the limits of awesome and beyond. 

And an extra awesome thanks to ‌ for all the great posts as well as keeping the vTE program thriving.

Nintex Newbie
Nintex Newbie

Thanks Jan!

Automation Master

As there is always something to do in Nintex, I like the idea of be able to change an application without calling the developer.

Thanks  to explain that in this Blog post.


It is sometimes, just a question of time, to a javascript code to work. Here is a perfect sample to preselected a value in a Lookup Dropdown.

With the help of the community, has solved his issue.


I cannot like it but I just can't get enough, that is why I want also to mention it.

It is a great repository where you find a lot of interesting assets for your applications.

Thanks to , , for the most liked assets


Thanks to for some great reward.


Did you notice the 3 Depeche Mode songs and the LP title 😉

Nintex Newbie

Hi Frank Field‌,

Here are my top 3 (tech blog) 2016 articles:

1. Microsoft Graph API from NWC

This opens a lot of possibilities!

2. New Feature - Document Generation On Premises

On-premise document generation. Man, I waited for this one for quite some time.

3. Welcome to Nintex Moble 'MASI've

Nintex Mobile just rocks.

I also want to give Kok Koon Gan‌ a big thanks for the content he shares. Since he is a Nintex employee, I would also like to mention community member Warwick Ward‌ for his article 'Mission Control - External Start with just jQuery, REST and HTML' (



Cloud Wanderer

Thanks for the comment! every single piece of involvement in feedback, content, comment, etc. keeps the community going...happy festive season!

Automation Master

I'm a member for not that long however I also have my favourite content which I found extremly helpful while making migration from SP2010 and SP2013 into O365 this year. I went into a lot of troubles and was able to learn a lot!

I would like to mention: Christophe Raucq‌ for his extremely useful post about making a workaround for the lack of "delegation" option in O365 tasks actions (Delegation in O365 ).

My three favourite posts are:

  1. How to move attachments from the list into the library
    Moving Email Attachments to Document Library 
    It was quite a hard nut to cruck but finally it was doable

  2. Blog post about generating a documents
    It is very much needed in my O365 env. and every post discussing the topic is more than welcome,
  3. A workaround for scheduling a workflow
    Because I've been looking for it for some time, for any counterpart in O365 and the blog post saved me a lot of time.

Best regards,


Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Another great year in the Community!  I appreciate the knowledge sharing and invaluable help this Community provides to everyone.  Below is the content that definitely helped me out this year.

Thanks to everyone this who helped make this an amazing Community, especially ‌, ‌, ‌, ‌, and last but not least ‌.