Announcing the Nintex Forms On Prem 2013 SDK

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Hi Nintex Community,

I'm a new(ish) programmer/writer at Nintex. Well, I'm not so new, but I still have bubble wrap clinging to my legs. I'm working with Dennis Kennedy to write developer-focused content and code samples. My focus is everything Forms. I'll be posting new material for Nintex Forms On Premises 2013 over the next month or so. Much like the work Dennis did, I'll be regularly expanding the material in the Forms portion of the SDK.

To introduce myself, I've been a technical writer for the last fifteen years. I've documented ultrasound machines, the Microsoft Kinect SDK, the back end infrastructure of eCommerce sites, and the web services that connect wrist bands worn at a certain popular park to an array of services that provide everything from banking and to access to hotel room accommodations. I'm from the Pacific Northwest in North America, and have been lost in the woods more than a few times. I also have a sick fascination with flowcharts, and I'm glad to be working at a company that uses them as much as Nintex.

Generally I'll be posting weekly updates of the Forms SDK with new content, additional scenarios, code samples, and deeper dives into specific areas. I'm starting with the creation of a custom control for Nintex Forms, and will then move on the following week to using the Nintex Forms Web Service API. You can use the API to access your Nintex Forms for importing, exporting, updating, and deleting your forms.

You can find the SDK here!

Upcoming (planned) topics include:

  • Nintex Forms Object Model
  • Nintex Forms Control Reference
  • Nintex Forms PowerShell cmdlets
  • Using the PowerShell to install and manage custom inline functions for your forms
  • Working with Nintex Forms XML
  • Library of JavaScript snippets

In addition, I'm interested in your feedback and solutions. Our conversation will help me prioritize content to write for future updates. I'm very curious to learn about your needs in modifying, extending, and managing Nintex Forms. Also, if you find anything that needs to be updated, let me know.

Look forward to talking to you.