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Nintex WFC Form Design

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The ability to anchor fields to a row position would make the form design better.


Example, I'm creating a form that has a row with 3 questions on it. Each of those questions has a hidden follow up that appears in the row below if the submitter answers yes. It would look better if when the hidden follow up appears aligned with the related question. The way it works now if I only answer question 3 to get the follow up, then the follow up appears under question 1. If only 1 and 3 are answered to get follow up then 3 appears under question 2.


While not necessarily confusing, it just doesn't look good. And part of designing UI is to make it easy and appealing for the best user experience, and to encourage them to use it again. An added control in the field configuration to anchor to row position would make this very nice.

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