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We Passed 5 MILLION Views of Correct Answers!

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The Nintex Connect community recently and quietly passed a milestone:  5 million views of correct answers!

That means that more than five MILLION times (five-and-a-HALF million, actually) , someone viewed an answer that was marked correct.

That means they may have avoided starting a support ticket. Or they learned something that saved time. Or they passed it on to a colleague and saved that person some time or spared them some frustration.  So, thank you to the community members who took the time to click "mark correct" on a reply to a thread.

Here's a chart depicting all that time-saving discovery:

answered questions

It may not challenge the bragging rights of the Golden Arches and their "billions served," but it's great to know so many people have found answers.

Remember, if you post a question in the community, all the replies will have a "correct answer" button on them, and when you get a correct answer, clicking that helps the thread turn up higher in search results.  You might get an email with the content of the reply. Please take the extra step to click the link to the thread and mark correct answers. It's the community way!

And this milestone cannot pass without acknowledging the Blue Ribbon Group members of this community. They've spent a lot of time combing the community and marking answers that they know are correct. It's a big help to everyone. Thank you, Blue Ribbon Group!

ribbonBlue Ribbon Group

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Automation Master

Celebratory toot toot!

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Aww, give that little guy an ice cream!

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Automation Master

Thanks for all the hard work Blue Ribbon Group & , quite a milestone for the community!

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The work was all the Blue Ribbon Group people mentioned. I merely tweaked their permissions so they could accomplish the task. They have marked several hundred old answers correct in just a few months.  That has a massive impact on how correct answers show up in Search, and, therefore, the number of views of those answers.  They're a tremendous asset to the community, and this place wouldn't be the same without their caring and willingness to put in some time here.