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Hello, Goodbye Nintex Community!

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Most of you saw my post last week about moving on from the Nintex community at the end of this week So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen...​ To end with a bang so to say, Frank FieldEric Harris​ and I had a little fun this week with a short video for the community!


Automation Master
Automation Master

Hi Emily Billing! Thank you again for all your work with the community (and also thanks a lot for the video, your last gift for us, very very funny!!)

Welcome again Frank Field​!

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I couldn't leave without some more of my awkwardness

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If you're awkward, I'm positively ungainly!

Thanks for your kindness and guidance. It's clear to this noob that the community will miss you for good reason. I can only hope to be half the CM you are.  Thank you. Enjoy your trip (I'll get you suggestions for spots to see!), and please check in now and then!

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I was meanly a follower of your post.

Thanks for all your info i picked up.

Lovely video ...really funny. Luv Mr Grumphy !!!

Have a great future, whereever you me go.

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Thanks Emmy Great to hear you enjoyed!

Nintex Newbie

You're leaving?  But I just joined.  Good luck in your new venture.

Hoping for continued awkwardness, because that is fun. 

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I am! but you have an awesome new community manager with Frank He will definitely continue the fun!

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Great , Good To know . Welcome Frank  

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Thank you, Kamal!

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Best wishes Em. You will indeed be missed in the Community!!...