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August Mission 2015 - Fix the broken workflow treasure hunt

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Welcome to our special birthday mission! This month we're celebrating Nintex Connect reaching ONE with a treasure hunt mission, a little more involved then previous missions...Will you be the one to win? And yes, there are prizes for the winners

There are a few steps to this month's mission. We're taking you on a little treasure hunt of sorts, beginning with a Nintex Workflow, and this is the only step I'm going to tell you about hehe. Once you've fixed the workflow, your next set of instructions will be sent your way, and you'll be one step closer to being in the running for the prize.

Your Mission

Attached to this post, you'll find a Nintex Workflow file (applicable for NW2010 or 2013). Your mission is to work out why the workflow is not working as expected. The workflow I built is supposed to create a new site. My problem is that the workflow says it completes, but no new site is created. Help me!

Here are the steps you need to take:

*Note: The workflow is configured to create the site at the current Web URL. The person initiating the workflow will need to have permissions to create new sites.

  1. Create a new Custom List on your SharePoint site called "Request a new site" with the following column settings:
    • Leave the default Title column, but add the following description for this column "This will be the name of your new site"
    • Create a new column titled Description (multiple lines of text), this will be the description of your new site
    • Create a new column titled URL Name, (single line of text), this will the URL name of your site
  2. Create a new workflow for the list, and import the attached Nintex Workflow (for the purpose of testing, all people fields are currently set to Initiator, but you can update if needed).
  3. Publish the workflow, go back to your list, and create a new item to submit a request for a new site to be created. The workflow will automatically start.list_aug.png
  4. Approve and complete all tasks created, and the workflow will complete.
  5. Make sure you note down how you fixed it and what was wrong, as you'll need that for the second part of the mission.
  6. Once you have all the pieces, email me your answers by August 14th.

Special notes

  • This mission is only open for the first half of August. Make sure you email or message me (Emily Billing) your answers by Friday August 14th.
  • And it's only open to non-nintex employees, however if you're a Nintex employee you can still participate, you are just not eligible to win any of the prizes.
  • There is also a bonus 100 points up for grabs, you'll have to look out for how you can do that during the mission.

Good luck.

May the best hunter win..

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Treasure hunt with Nintex workflow!!! Sounds interesting

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Good luck Nidish

Automation Master
Automation Master

It seems that O365 hunters cannot play :(

Is it Mission: Impossible :)

Automation Master
Automation Master

Nice treasure hunt!!

Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Love this idea !!! .. Ha it closes on my birthday

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Unfortunately so! I'll send you the next part of the mission, and you'll still be able to earn the bonus points

Nintex Newbie

You're at it again Emily!!!


Nintex Newbie

Neat idea! But is "Create Site" only in the Enterprise Edition? I don't have that action in my list (Nintex Workflow 2010), and get an error when trying to publish,


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Hey Ken, the create site action is available in all editions (standard and enterprise). The action may have been disabled in the site settings. You'll need to be the site admin, and go into the Nintex settings for the site, and you can enable and disable specific actions.

Nintex Newbie

Thanks Emily - I will see if I can get one of our SharePoint admins to set it. I can see the setting on the site itself, but still don't see Create Site, so it must be at a higher level

Nintex Newbie

Very tricky! but a solvable task.

great idea for community missions!

My solution was send to you Emily Billing​ by Email!

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I'll keep an eye out for your email

Nintex Newbie

Answer sent!

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Waiting in anticipation..

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Nice one