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  • 18 February 2022
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Hello, I am looking to upgrading to RPA Central from foxtrot RPA. I am looking at setting it up with the SQL database being stored on a SQL server. My database admin has some questions on the requirements for the data base that I cant find answers for. I am hoping someone on here might know. here are the questions:


  • What are the hardware requirements for the database server?
  • Is there a general size estimate for how large this database may be?
  • What is the criticality of this application or what are its availability requirements?

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2 replies

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@michta Could you assist here please?

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Hi, Jason,

Thanks for the questions. The requirements are similar to the recommended specs for an RPA Central server which you can find in the release notes.

In terms of capacity, the database should stay well under 5 GB but it all depends on how complex your botflows are and how often you're running them. The SQL Express database has a limit of 10 GB and we've not had any customers hit that limit yet.

For availability, that also depends on how critical your botflows are to your business. Generally we recommend that customers think of RPA as they would any other line-of-business system, with the same SLAs around availability and disaster recovery.