How to loop through files in a folder without creating a list

  • 29 April 2021
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Hi all,


I would like to automate the process of grabbing some files from a folder and emailing them. The issue is that the folder in which the files are stored is located in a shared drive and the folder contains 500+ files. So looping through the shared folder to find the files takes very long, almost to the point of where completing the process manually would be quicker (yes, even when setting the speed to max).


Is there a way to loop through that folder to grab the files without creating a list?


Alternatively, i thought about using the copy file function and copying the files over locally and then using the email function to email them. However, i was not sure how to incorporate the IF statement with the  conditions to find the correct file like i could use when looping through a list.


Hope that makes sense. Thanks. 

2 replies

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You can follow theses steps

  1.   Move files with wildcard to temp. folder. -> i.e. *Name*.*

  2.  Create list from temp. folder.

  3.  Loop through temp. folder. -> Action with your files

  4.  Move files back to original folder.

  5. Delete temp. folder.


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Note: I've tried to use wildcard filter in "create list" but it does not work, it can filter only file extension.