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  • 30 April 2021
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This has been working well for quite some time.  Suddenly, I have one (new) manager where it fails to look them up.   Any suggestions as to where I begin troubleshooting?


Using a set field value, equals "user profiles", source "account name - email address when account name equals workflow data variable that is the manager's email address.   We use a SQL query to populate the variable from our HR org chart system.


See photo for the detail.  


The manager's profile does indeed exist in Sharepoint and it contains the correct email address.  Works for every other manager... 




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5 replies

As a test, I changed the lookup to source "work email" (as string) and unresolved for this manager (still works for other managers). So I'm thinking the problem is elsewhere?

@cenders have you checked the User Profile of this new manager in SharePoint's UPS?

I have, the profile looks fine. All the details are there.

Can you use domain ID instead of email and what if you use Query User Profile action instead of Set Field value action?

@$%! it was ultimately a typo in a new user creation script recently deployed that misspelled the UPN of the account.  Problem solved.