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Hi all,


  I'm looking for some guidance on a request I am trying to build out.  I am building out a complex approval process in which the end user has to enter 3 fields into a form and then the customer information would populate(13 additional fields used for validation).  Right now I have tested using a bot to go out to our core system and retrieve the cusomter data.  This then emails the end user with that information for them to proceed.  This is unacceptable to them.  What they want is once the 3 data fields are entered, a call to core would occur and retrive the information in order for them to continue with the process.  I see the data lookup control requires an HTTPS for an API call.  Right now we are using http and working on converting our API to HTTPS.  My question is, once we get the API to HTTPS, how will the form perform?  Will it be similar to the SharePoint data lookup where each field is a drop down?


  My second question is, is there a way to program a workflow to auto launch a form?  If I continue using the bot to call our core, I would have to use two worklfows.  One for the initial 3 data fields, which woudl call the core to add 13 more.  I then would need those 16 fields to populate a new form and launch for the end user (kind of like a new and edit form in SharePoint).  So if I go this route, how would I auto launch that second form?  I know it would be a component workflow but after that I am lost.  


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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@kbarton great questions and definitely not the typical use case. 


Yes the lookup data source should work similar to sharepoint, but to be sure i would honestly test that by porting some of your data to sharepoint first and seeing how the form responds. If all is well then proceed with converting your API to HTTPS. 


Tackle that part first and you may not have to re-engineer how the forms and process works. Keep me posted.

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@eharris04, I put in a case for this and it turns out that since our API is internal and not external the datalookup will not work currently.  They said it is something they are looking into.  Eventually our end users will all be in SalesForce and this will be a lot easier.  For now, I'm going to have the end user fill out all 16 fields and then do a validation using the API after the form closes.