NAC task form with SharePoint online fields that users can edit

  • 13 November 2023
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Just starting our journey from Nintex for O365 to NAC. We have a lot of task forms with fields connected to SPO lists that users can modify when completing the task. My initial testing and reading posts in this community suggest that it no longer works in NAC and the only way to do it is to create separate fields on the form and use an action to update the SPO list. Can you please confirm this and if this is the case any suggestions/recommendations for the scenarios below? 

  • To show a current value from SP and to be able to update it I will have to use 2 separate fields on the form - correct?
  • To use choice fields I will have to maintain a separate choice fields on SharePoint and on task forms?
  • Is it possible to create “global” choice fields in NAC and reuse them in multiple task forms? 
  • Is there an option to use a People Picker from AAD/EntraID in NAC?
  • I also assume there is no way to be able to update Managed Metadata fields ?

Any other suggestions or best practices? I was hoping I could find some Nintex documentation about it but no luck so far. 




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3 replies

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Hi @igorsp 

I’m just answering this

  • To show a current value from SP and to be able to update it I will have to use 2 separate fields on the form - correct?


Hopefully other members of the community can help with your other queries


This is something that all new NAC Developers (those coming from O365) have to unlearn or re-learn - Using Task Form in NAC - Retrieve the latest value and update the values


If you are coming from Nintex O365 - retrieving and updating - Task Form field values is so easy. You just need to connect the Task Form fields to the SP columns. That’s all. Opening the Task Form will fetch the latest values and submitting the Task form will write the latest value back to SP.


In NAC, Retrieving is one action and updating is another action. Plus you need to assign the value to a variable and in the Task form connect the field to the variable.


If you used the assisted Upgrade Workflow utility, you should get a read-only field as you shown above. I would remove that field and replace with a new field.



How to retrieve the latest value from SP and update the SP value

  1. Retrieve a SP item - specify List name and Item ID. Saved to collection
  2. Assign the proper value to a variable
  3. Connect a field on the Task form to the variable
  4. Update the value back to SP once the form has been completed.
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Thanks @Garrett - I will give it a try but what about choice fields and AD people pickers? 

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Hi @igorsp 

As stated