Custom Dashboard similar to My Nintex

  • 12 January 2024
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We will be migrating all of our Nintex O365 workflows (approx 200) to NAC.  We will be keeping our data stored in SharePoint and we will continue to use Nintex O365 Forms.  (We will not be creating our forms in NAC). With this said, the only thing we will be able to use MyNintex for will be Task managment.

We would like to create a dashboard (webpage) that will simulte MyNintex.  We will use My Nintex as a model and will try to recreate all of the functionality it offers.  

Nintex offers an API, so we are hoping that will provide some/all of the MyNintex functionality to manage tasks such as “Delegate Task”.   It appears that we will not be able to use iFrames to offer up MyNintex.

We do not know if the dashboard/webpage will be in SharePoint, HTML, or some other webpage technology.  We will use whatever is the best option.

Has anyone created a “custom” Dashboard such as this? If so, what platform, software, or tools did you use?  We may also outsource this project, so please advise if you know of any contractors, consultants, or businesses that may provide development services for this type of project.

Thank you!

4 replies

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hey @SShaffer2 , Does the starter kit do what you need ? (get latest version from Github)



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Hi @SShaffer2 ,

I sent you a private message, I think we have what you are looking for, and not far from it.

Best regards

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Hi @SShaffer2 
Have these answers solved your question? 

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@Dan_Stoll - This looks promising.  I will check it out.  Thank you.