AI Co-Pilot for Nintex Automation Cloud Forms - Your Input Needed!

  • 23 May 2024
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Hello everyone!

We are excited to announce that we are looking into integrating an AI Co-Pilot experience to streamline and enhance the process of crafting Nintex Automation Cloud forms. 

As we prepare for this significant development, we want to ensure that the AI co-pilot meets your needs and addresses any challenges you face with the current Nintex Automation Cloud form creation process. We value your input and would love to hear from you! Is there anything specific you'd like AI to solve concerning Nintex Automation Cloud forms? Whether it's rule creation, theming, improving accessibility, or any other issue, please share your thoughts and suggestions.

Your feedback is crucial and will help us create a feature that reduces pain points. Thank you for your time and input!




2 replies

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Simplifying Regex Creation with AI Assistance

We have noticed that users sometimes face difficulties when creating regex expressions to achieve specific functionalities. Often, they need to spend significant time finding the exact solution to build one for a particular goal.

For example, if I need to replace the first name with the full name, I will use the replace function with the correct syntax: replace(Text source, Text regular expression, Text replacement). However, if someone wants to amend this expression in a more complex manner, such as removing the first letter 'N' from the first name "Nintex," they can use a regex pattern like (.*)\N. The result will be "intex."

Ideally, AI Co-pilot will assist by generating the appropriate regex expression based on a prompt. For instance, if you ask, "Please create a formula and regex expression to replace FirstName from the value and then remove the first letter of FirstName," AI Co-pilot should suggest the regex pattern (.*)\N.

This example is just one use case; there are numerous scenarios where such functionality can be highly beneficial.


The features I’m most interested in probably don’t require a large language model.

  • Copy and paste form/view rules. Often I need to make the same type of rule for several different elements, workflow steps, etc., and I’d prefer being able to copy and paste rules rather than do the same 9 clicks over and over again. If you are looking for a way to integrate generative AI into this, perhaps it could suggest what I want the next rule to be: for instance, if I made a rule for what happens when a certain workflow task is actioned, it could suggest an identical rule for the other workflow tasks.
  • Search form/view rules. If, for instance, I’ve made a new SmartObject to replace an old one, I’d like to be able to search for all of a form’s rules that refer to the old SmartObject so I can easily switch each instance to the new one.
  • Allow better manipulation of lines in a workflow. I often have to move a workflow step in front of a line in order to make additional toggle points on it appear. I need to move them in order to make them look good; it’s hard for users to follow a workflow unless the lines are properly spaced.
  • Copy formatting on views. If I want multiple text controls to have the same paragraph formatting, I currently have to select each, click the … next to Format, and choose all the settings I want. I’d prefer to be able to either Shift + select all of them and do them together or copy the formatting and paste it to each control that needs it.