Top 10 Things I love about K2

  • 14 July 2022
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I recently was asked for what the top 10 features are in K2, and it got me thinking. We always talk about the new shiny features, the ones that are coming in the near future on the roadmap, but all those new features build upon an already awesome box that is K2. And with my love of top 10 lists, here are my favorites, in somewhat of an order.

  1. Fully featured and proven independent workflow engine with 20+ years of enterprise usage.
  2. Patented SmartObject framework for business data modeling from disparate systems, which honors security in the LOB system and keeps the data in the source of truth.
  3. Visual workflow designer with business logic and rules engine to build even the most complex workflow logic.
  4. Robust APIs to extend beyond the borders of K2, to make the impossible, possible.
  5. Authorization Framework to allow governance and security around your applications, so only the people who need to access the forms or start a workflow, can.
  6. Error profiles and retrying errors for a K2 administrator to keep an eye on business processes and keep things running smoothly.
  7. Reusability as a key paradigm, so you can create a K2 building block once, and reuse anywhere.
  8. Advanced task management, including OOF, automatic delegation and redirect, with no limit on the users, groups or K2 roles that can receive a task.
  9. SmartBox for when you need a data store but don't want to wait for the DB administrator to create you a table.
  10. An amazing and passionate group of services, support, partners, and customers in the K2 community to share extensions and best practices around K2.

Is your favorite feature listed? What would you add to this list? Comment and discuss, virtual coffee talk.

1 reply

I like your top 10, but I think another powerful and liked features is the ability to build simple and relatively complex electronic forms with SmartForms. I haven't come across another forms technology as powerful, as reusable, and as easy to design and configure as SmartForms.