More Power In The Palm of Your Hand Thanks to Nintex Mobile Enhancements

  • 10 February 2017
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Some of you may have noticed (if your device automatically updates your apps of course) that a new version of Nintex Mobile has been released. For those of you that haven't been automatically updated... what are you waiting for? Head over to your friendly neighborhood app store of choice and download the latest version of of Nintex Mobile now!


So what exactly is so new and powerful about this latest release of Nintex Mobile anyhow?


Well, here is a breakdown of the features for each version that was released:


Nintex Mobile for iOS (Apple) v4.5 Nintex Mobile for Android (Samsung, et. al) v4.5 Nintex Mobile for Windows v4.4
Added support for Tasks in Nintex Workflow Cloud Added support for Tasks in Nintex Workflow Cloud Added support for Tasks in Nintex Workflow Cloud
Add support to capture form and task metadata Add support to capture form and task metadata General bug fixes and improvements
Added greater support for multitasking with support for iOS Split View and landscape support for iPhone Enhanced profile security, add support to PIN unlock you profile  
Enhanced profile security, add support to PIN or Touch ID unlock you profile Updated navigation experience  
Updated navigation experience  General bug fixes and improvements  
General bug fixes and improvements    


Wow... looks like the Nintex dev elves have been busy! So what exactly is this form and task metadata business and better yet, what do these features look like, you say? Well, since I have a shiny new iPhone 7 Plus, I would be happy to share a few screenshots of these new features to give you an idea of what is in store when you update to the latest Nintex Mobile release.


Form and Task Metadata




Nintex Workflow Cloud Tasks


Now, let's cover a feature that many of you asked for, the ability to surface Express Approval tasks assigned via Nintex Workflow Cloud in Nintex Mobile. With this release, if you are logged into NMA as the task assignee, the task will now surface in the Tasks category:




Landscape support for iPhone


Sometimes it can be more ergonomic to use your phone in a landscape (sideways) view. Now, Nintex Mobile supports this behavior.


With the menu open:


With the menu closed:


Multitasking with iOS Split View

Now iOS multitasking is supported on the larger screen devices (iPhone 6 Plus and above). Now you can have another app open like an email client and copy information from it into a Form without having to swap apps!




TouchID, PIN and Enhanced Profile Security

In an effort to make Nintex Mobile even more secure, our team has added the ability to lock down your profile with a PIN as well as with an amazing bit of bio-metric security when the app is placed in the background thanks to iOS and its awesome TouchID capabilities.


So now you can configure Nintex Mobile to use TouchID:




This way, when you attempt to open Nintex Mobile on your Apple TouchID enabled device, you will be prompted to press your finger against the home sensor to unlock the app:


Enhanced Profile Security


When the app is placed in the background its preview image will now show the Nintex Mobile splash screen. This way no one can see any data that may be placed on a form that hasn't been submitted yet:




In addition to these great features, we've laid the groundwork to support further customization of Nintex Mobile via the Nintex AppStudio such as custom walk-through slides, an ability to build custom navigation experiences and more.


Stay tuned for more announcements and details next week during our 2nd annual Nintex InspireX user conference!

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