Nintex Mobile introduces Profiles, and adds Forms Based Authentication support

Blog Post created by dan.stoll Employee on Apr 20, 2016

The Nintex teams have been at it this last couple of months working hard on some great new initiatives influenced heavily by the requirements of our current user base, and feedback from the InspireX conference that was held in February just past.


Firstly, let us quickly chat about FBA support. This new capability will allow customers already using or planning to use FBA to log into SharePoint from Nintex Mobile. The latest version of Nintex Forms (2013 and 2010) is required ( /, and after a small configuration change in Central Admin you will be off and running. Apple iOS and Android will be supported initially this month with Windows Desktop and Phone rolling out in the next release.


There are 2 sections inside Manage FBA Mobile Access.

  1. Enable Form Based Authentication for Nintex Mobile: Users can enable/disable Nintex Mobile access to Nintex Forms inside SharePoint environment using Form Based Authentication. By default, it will be disable.
  2. Set Nintex Mobile Token Expiry: When users login to SharePoint environment using Nintex Mobile, user will be issued with Token. This token will allow user to access Nintex Forms using Nintex Mobile. Users can set Token expiry in this section. Available options are 30, 60, 90 days. Default value is 60 days.

Note that the SharePoint farm will have to be already setup for Forms Based Authentication before Nintex Mobile FBA will work.

Nintex Mobile for FBA doesn't support FBA users for a SharePoint mixed mode environment. E.g. if an organization has a SharePoint environment supporting both Windows Authentication and Form Based Authentication, Nintex Mobile will only support Windows users.

Note: If your network infrastructure uses a firewall, ensure that FBA endpoints are externally accessible by Nintex Mobile. FBA endpoints are located at the following URL: <SiteUrl>/_vti_bin/NintexMobile/FBA/

Secondly, in this months roll out is that Nintex Mobile will now also start to introduce Profiles. These changes will be rolled out over 2 releases for the respective platforms, starting with iOS and Android.


We will see some UI changes and the ability to build a profile within the app. Accompanying the profile you'll be able to associated a PIN number as well, for an even easier login experience.


login.jpgSelect Account.png



In the next release Nintex Mobile will allow multiple profiles on a device and multiple environments to be added to those profiles. So for those of you who are running a hybrid farm this will allow you to show both on-prem forms and O365 in the one sitting and for the shared device workers, the ability to be able to go into your profile and have saved / draft forms and easier access. This will be especially handy for us designers as well, where we want to have dev and test in your profile without having to log out and go back in to production..




But like I mentioned this will be in the next release as the second part of the profile feature, which I will write more about then.


Wrapping up, if Forms Based Authentication has been a blocker hopefully now you can unleash Nintex Mobile and Nintex Mobile Enterprise on your organisation.. If you do I'd love to hear about it in the comments.. Profiles once fully rolled out will allow easier logins for multi user devices, and much easier for multi environment deployments.

For further instructions on how to setup your profile and pin see the online help files here: Signing in to the Nintex Mobile App

For more information on Nintex Mobile app profiles, see the Nintex Mobile help.


Until next time, have fun.